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Take this example, the importance of research in education. Research, with the general aim of systematically, improving an academic body of knowledge may: a) the Deficits in systems may be highlighted by well designed research. The results of research can lead (ideally) to changes in methods or practices (in the case of education it might be a teaching methods, say online Vs in class on campus). This would ideally (further testing would needed to confirm) appropriate education is provided to the students resulting in a more effective/efficient population. b. As suggested above, research determines the success or failure of change in any process or work flow. In other words, the success of any project/endeavor greatly lies on a good (extensive) research.
Without it we will not learn about previously unknown Natural Phenomena that can be used to make new Technologies.
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Why is it important to have research stations on antarctica?

According to the Antarctic Treaty, the earth south of 60 degrees south latitude is dedicated to science, to be shared among all signatories to the treaty. In order to study t

Why is secondary research important?

because you can compare your primary research with your secondary research to see if its realible, this is vital for any business.

What are the importance of educational research?

A lot of ideas was explored only through educational research. Even  government also gives some grants for these researches prevailing  in the education industry..

What is the importance of research paper?

The importance of a research paper resides in the ability it  provides to establish an informed point of view, together with the  sharing of information.

Importance of abstract in research paper?

Abstract gives a clear idea about the research report. A reader can be mostly attracted by looking at the abstract. It gives a brief summary of the report and also the results

What is importance of library for research?

Enhance active study skills  Serve as a support to people that cannot purchase extensive  collections of books  A learning zone where facts and information cab be obtain in

What is the importance of interview in research?

an interview is important in research because through it you will gather information needed in order to support your research and also it will serve as a baseline.

What is the importance of research in agriculture?

Agricultural research is critically important in that it is the only way to find out ways to combat new strains of fungi, bacteria, weeds, insects, and other pests that can de

Why is good research important?

The better the research, the better you will do. Or better information can usually give more understanding and a better explanation, because you get more knowledge from it.

What are importance of overseas marketing research?

  Importance of Overseas Marketing Research - OMR ( sandeepkulkarni.2006@yahoo.com ) :   1) OMR basically helps to identify Market Potential for the given product in a

Why is statistics important to research?

What is the "bell shaped" curve ? A common type of histogram characterized by a high center, tapered sides, and bell-flared edges. A bell-shaped curve reflects conditions tha

Important of research?

Research is an systematic way of process of obtaining new knowledge. It is essential. With out research progress will stop. Basically Research are of two types 1. Basic resear