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What is the importance of wika and komunikasyon in couples?

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Wika and komunikasyon is important in couples to have understanding. It is important that couples understand the same language. It is when couples talk that they discover a lot from one another. Problems are easily solved through communications.
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What is Wika?

wika is a reigion you believe in if you believe in witches or wizzards llike harry potter But it is spelled "wicca."

Kahalagahan ng wika sa pagkamit ng mabisang komunikasyon?

Mahalaga ang wika sapagkat: ito ang midyum sa pakikipagtalastasan o komunikasyon;ginagamit ito upang malinaw at efektivong maipahayag ang damdamin at kaisipan ng tao;sumasala

What is the importance of buwan ng wika 2011?

Ang kahalagahan ng Buwan ng Wika ay upang ating mabigyang kahalagahan ang ating wikang pambansa. Pagsasalita ng ating sariling wika, pagpapahalaga nito at pagpapaunlad upang h
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Why is it important for couples to undergo courtship?

Courtship - is a time for couples to 'get to know each other' -  before committing to a long-term relationship. It gives people time  to discover loads of information about