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What is the interdependence in the savanna?

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The leopards depend on the other animals like zebras for food the zebras depend on the insects witch will need to eat other insects.
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What is Interdependence?

Answer     Reliance on people in other places for information, resources, goods, and services.   In economics, the concept that all prices are to some degree aff

What is interdependent?

Interdependent is when something like a country for example is not inderpendent, it relys on other countries fortrade,it exports and imports between them and helps out with fi

What are savannas?

The term was originally used for tropical grasslands. It is a little broader now, but in essence it still means grasslands.

Where is the savanna?

Great Plains and California, US. Serengetti, Congo, Angola, Africa. South and Central America and the caribbean. Australia and New Guinea. The greatest area of savannas is Afr

What are the savannas?

It is a hot, seasonally dry grassland with scattered trees. It is intermediate between a grassland and a forest.

What does the savanna not have?

A savanna does not have much insect pollinated plants e.g. colorful and scented flowers. Most of the time there are no flowers at all so don't be looking in the savanna for a

Is one interdependent of or interdependent with something?

You would definitely not say 'interdependent of'. 'Interdependent with' sounds clumsy and I have never come across it. Far better to recast the sentence and say 'He and she ar
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What savanna does have?

it has different animals that have to adapt too the food and climate + conditions
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What is savanna about?

The Savanna is about a place where animals learn how to hunt like their parents.