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What is the interdependence in the savanna?

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The leopards depend on the other animals like zebras for food the zebras depend on the insects witch will need to eat other insects.
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What is employing interdependence?

Empoying interdependence is basically your ability to ask other people for help. If you are good at employing interdependence, then that means you are good at asking people fo

What is a task interdependence?

Task interdependence is the extent to which activities are dependent on each other. That is the degree to which activities are related. There are three categories of task inte

What is interdependence and adaptation?

Interdependence means when an animal of something relies on something else for something to help them survive. Adaptation is when you adapt to your environment.

What is sphere interdependency?

Carbon moves from the atmosphere to plants. In the atmosphere, carbon is attached to oxygen in a gas called carbon dioxide (CO2). [ [ With the help of the Sun, through the pro

What is market interdependence?

Market interdependence is when the movement of one market is affected by the movement of another market. For example,- a drop in the value of the dollar vs other currencies ca

Interdependent in a sentence?

The United States and Great Britain needed each other before and  during the Second World War. This interdependence eventually grew  into a close friendship.

What does interdependent mean?

The term interdependent means "mutually or concurrently dependent". This means that all members of a group need each other. This can be applied to ecology (the balance of natu

What is interrelated and interdependent?

Innovation is a good example of interrelated and interdependent. As a matter of fact almost anything that is developed is considered to be interrelated and interdependent.

What is asymmetric interdependence?

refers to the relationship in which countries find themselves unequal but possessing variable degrees of power and initiative in politics, economics and culture (Straubhaar, 1

Where is the savanna?

Great Plains and California, US. Serengetti, Congo, Angola, Africa. South and Central America and the caribbean. Australia and New Guinea. The greatest area of savannas is Afr

What is Interdependence?

Answer     Reliance on people in other places for information, resources, goods, and services.   In economics, the concept that all prices are to some degree aff