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Living With AIDS Good medical care - without which, untreated AIDS will ultimately lead to death from any one of the twenty-five, or so, AIDS defining illnesses.
However, please note that most people who are HIV-positive are not suffering from AIDS.
With good care and treatment, people with HIV can now expect to live to a near normal age; so the steps you can take to improving your quality of life are very much the same as those generally associated with a 'healthy' lifestyle.
Resist the temptation to withdraw and become sedentary. When you do less, you tend to have fewer positive experiences and start to feel down - which in turn make you withdraw more and do even less etc - and get trapped in a depressive cycle where you no longer care and stop taking care of yourself.
Eat a good balanced diet and get plenty of exercise; but also learn to relax and get plenty of sleep.
Take the right medications, in the right doses, at the right time, EVERY DAY.
Seek, listen to and act on medical advice. If you have access to dieticians, make use of that access.
Healthy living alone will never stop you developing AIDS - for that you need luck and/or good medical care - but it can slow the progress towards AIDS and make the side effects of both HIV and medications significantly easier to live with.
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