What is the lacation of Belize?

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In Belize
South of Mexico. East of Guatemala and North of Honduras. It is a Central American Caribbean Sea country. Second longest barrier reef in the world.
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What is Belize?

Belize is a Country in Central America, formerly known as British Honduras. Belize is famous for the Maya Ruins and the Dive Spots.

Where is Belize?

Where's Belize, Please? . According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, "Belize is bounded on the N by Mexico, on the S and W by Guatemala, and on the E by the Caribbean.". See the Related Links for more information on Answers.com about Belize, as well as for a map showing the location of Belize.

What region is Belize in?

Belize is in Central America, bordered my Mexico in the north and the west and south by Guatemala, along with the Caribbean so to the east.

Who is the President of Belize?

Belize does not have a president. The Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II and her official representative in Belize is the Governor-General, currently Sir Colville Young (1993 - to date). The Prime Minister is Dean Barrow, who assumed office on 2008 February 8, and led his party to re-election (MORE)

What is the climate of Belize?

Belize has a tropical climate with pronounced wet and dry seasons, although there are significant variations in weather patterns by region. Temperatures vary according to elevation, proximity to the coast, and the moderating effects of the northeast trade winds off the Caribbean. Average temperature (MORE)

Lacation of Jamaica?

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea situated about 145 km (90 mi) S of Cuba. It has a total area of 10,990 sq km (4,243 sq mi) and extends, at maximum, 235 km (146 mi) N - S and 82 km (51 mi) E - W . Comparatively, the area occupied by Jamaica is slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut. (MORE)

What are facts about Belize?

Belize was the British Colony until 1962 and is now anindependent nation within the Commonwealth. Belize has the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. . It is the second smallest country in Central America. . It's the only country in Central America to have English as anofficial language. . It' (MORE)

What does Belize mean?

There are several theories claiming the name origin for the countryBelize. It is believed that the name derives from the Mayans whichmeans muddy waters.

Is Belize a LEDC?

Belize is an LEDC, and the development indicators tell us this... for example their birthrate is 25 per thousand and the UK's is 11 per thousand. Their Adult Literacy rate is low in comparison to the UK's. Their GNI is $2,960 and the UK's is $25,520.

What is Belizes hemisphere?

Belize is located in Central America which is considered North American continent. I guess that means it is in the northern hemisphere.

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Who founded Belize?

British buccaneers, who used the cays to prey on Spanish shipping, founded Belize (early 17th cent.). . For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (Answers.com) indicated below.

What is the architecture of Belize?

Belize's architecture consists of mostly concrete structures.Residents are mostly bungalow houses, the are no great skyscrapers...buildings are generally about 10 floors high. In theolder Belizean communities wooden buildings are common.

What is the culture in Belize?

They are many cultures of Belize.They are the Mestizo, Kriol, Maya, Garinagu, Mennonite, Chinese, East Indian, Spanish.

Who Owns Belize?

Belize is now an independent country, but is still in the British empire. Belize used to be called "British Honduras" and became independent in 1981.

What is Belize continent?

It is in Central America, which actually a subcontinent. Technically, Central America is the southernmost, isthmian portion of the North American continent, which connects with South America on the southeast.

Are there Jews in Belize?

Yes,. There are Jews living in Belize. There is not a Temple as yet. Most Jews meet in private homes. Roberts Grove Resort in Placencia is owned and operated by Jewish family. Every Passover there a Sedar at the resort with Jews coming from all over the country for the celebration. The Jewish peopl (MORE)

What animals are there in Belize?

The animals in Belize are: 1. tapir (national animal) 2. jaguar 3. deer 4. monkeys (baboons, howler) 5. squirrels 6. coyote etc...

Is Belize poor?

Belize is more of a developing country so its not poor or rich. there are poor people there but the country all together is not poor.

What is Belize known for?

Belize is known for its tropical rainforest, Mayan temples, andsecond longest barrier reef. (Belize Barrier Reef)Belize is known for its beautiful barrier reef and scuba divingtourism.

Who does Belize trade with?

They trade with the U.S, united Kingdom, Dennmark, Mexico, France,Jamaica, Netherlands, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guatemala

What decomposers are their in Belize?

Decomposers found in the country of Belize are millipedes,termites, and different types of fungi. Other decomposers includevelvet worms and snails.

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What are the products of Belize?

why do people treat you bad and tell you to do all he chores in thehouse and then say its for your own good or they just want you toall the work

Is there malls in Belize?

No they are none not the generic type in the u.s or Mexico atleast. That is not to say there are no attempts at malls but they are very small compared to the typical size of a u.s mall.

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How is Belize for a vacation?

Well i have been there and its VERY dangerous but part of it is pretty. You can go to bacab and ride horses and hear a big cat roar on an island while riding horses.Bacab is kind of like a water park but not realy.It has a small waterfall that you can sit under.It's a great spot to hang out!

Is Turkey in Belize?

I'm sure they have the birds called turkey in Belize. But the country Turkey is nowhere near Belize...

Is Belize Spanish?

Officially Belize is considered to be an English speaking country. However, as the Latino population in Belize continues to grow, a lot of Spanish along with Creole can be heard throughout the country. In all honesty, Belize is a huge melting pot of many races. therefore one would hear many language (MORE)

How poor is Belize?

Belize (Formerly British Honduras) has a per capita GDP of. $8,400 (2009 est.) ; 118th world ranking . ~ Additional information at the related link below ..

Shopping in Belize?

Visitors and locals delight in strolling around San Pedro Town and obtaining souvenirs for their friends and relatives back home. In San Pedro this can be a really rewarding experience and an adventure its self. The gift shops carry a wide range of items.

What state is Belize at?

Belize is in central America and it is also borded by Mexico in the north hoped this 12 year old sixth grader helped u :D

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