What is the landmass of Slovakia?

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mountains: the Carpathian Mountains, the Tatra Mountains (with the highest point of country)
the biggest rivers: the Danube, the Váh and the Hron
lowlands: the Danubian Lowland, the Eastern Slovak Lowland and more
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Where is Slovakia?

Slovakia is the state located in central Europe (capital Bratislava), and was established after Czechoslovakia split off January 1, 1993.In the middle, it's between Czech repu

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Is Slovakia still called Slovakia?

Yes! Slovkia is called Slovakia (Slovak Republic) since 1st January1993, when Czechoslovakia had split up. Region now known asSlovakia has been known as Slovakia for centuries

What is the Slovakia?

Slovakia is a country in certain Europe. It neighbors with Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. It's are is about 49 000 km2 almost 19 000 mi2 and has a popul