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By almost any absolute measurement, the blue whale is the biggest mammal living today.
It can grow up to 100 feet and weigh more than 100 tons.
On land its the African elephant.
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What is the largest land mammal?

Elephants are the largest land mammals in the world. Of these, the African Bush Elephant, Loxodonta Africana , is the the largest.

Which is the largest mammal?

The largest mammal is the blue whale. It is the largest mammal in the history of the earth. It is the largest animal in the history of the earth.

What is the largest mammal on earth?

The largest mammal on Earth is also the largest animal to ever live on land or in the ocean, dwarfing even the largest Dinosaur, and is the Blue Whale. Measuring in at over 110 feet and weighing 200,000lbs (110 to 160 metric tonnes) this magnificent animal is still mostly a mystery to science. It ha (MORE)

What is the largest mammal migration?

Do you mean the greatest distance, or the largest migration in terms of numbers of animals? The huge migrations of the Serengeti plains have millions of animals. As stated below, whale migration might be the farthest distance traveled. Answer A whale Gray Whale: 12,000 mile roundtrip not one way (MORE)

What is the largest living mammal?

The blue whale is the largest living mammal. Here is a link for information and other whales- http://www.acsonline.org/factpack/bluewhl.htm copy and paste it in the website address bar at the top of the screen.

What is the largest mammal and the smallest mammal in Africa?

An African Elephant is the largest mammal, at an average of 3.64 metres in height (for males) and weighing 5455 kg. Specimens of 6800kg have been documented.. The smallest mammal in Africa is a pygmy shrew which is about the size of a human fingertip. Its habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lo (MORE)

What is the largest living mammal today?

The largest mammal living right now are the blue whales and the largest land mammal are elephants. Blue Whale Balaenoptera musculus. Well, the question states, "on the earth" as far as land mammals, it would be the elephant.

10 largest land mammals?

Bush Elephant . Forest elephant . Indian Elephant . White Rhinoceros . Black Rhinoceros . Indian Rhinoceros . Hippopotamus . Sumatran Rhinoceros . Java Rhinoceros . Brown bear . Polar bear.

What is the second largest aquatic mammal?

Either the fin whale ( Balaenoptera physalus ) or the bowhead whale ( Balaena mysticetus ). The former can reach lengths of 89.5 ft (27.3 m) but only weighs 70 metric tons, while the latter reaches lengths of 65 ft (20 m) and weighs over 100 metric tons.

Which mammal has the largest gestation period?

The African Elephant has the longest gestation period of all the animals, not just the mammals. The gestation period can last for an average of 660 day, but has been know to last as long as 760 day!

Which mammal lays the largest egg?

There are only three species of mammals that lay eggs; the platypus, the short-beaked echidna and the long-beaked echidna. The echidna's egg is larger. It tends to measure 13-15 mm in length, compared to the platypus's egg which averages a mere 11 mm in length.

What are the largest mammals?

A list of the 5-10 largest mammals on earth would include only a list of whales. The blue whale of course being the largest. Blue whale is not only the largest mammal on earth, but the largest animal of any kind on the earth. Better still, the blue whale, is the largest animal to ever exist on the e (MORE)

What is the second largest living mammal?

Hippopotamus is the second largest land animal of the earth afterAfrican Elephant. The word Hippopotamus or Hippo is ancient Greekword which means ?The river horse?. This herbivorous animal foundin sub Saharan Africa and adult male animal can be as heavy as3,000 kg therefore it is considered as the (MORE)

What is the largest mammal in Australia?

The largest native land mammal on the Australian continent is the red kangaroo. On average, males can be 1.4 metres long and weigh up to 85 kg, while females can be up to 1.1 metres long and weigh up to 35 kg. While the average Red Kangaroo stands approximately 1.5 metres tall, larger specimens have (MORE)

What are the 10 Largest sea mammals?

The largest sea mammal is the blue whale. So the blue whale will be the largest. I am not quite sure what the other 9 are, but I believe some whales can be quite big, but you can get whales that are really small aswell. the top 10 largest sea mammels may not all be whales. By the way just in cas (MORE)

Is the panda the largest mammal?

No, the blue whale is the largest mammal.. No! Whales and elephants are much bigger mammals. Many other species of bears will weigh in larger.

What is the largest group of mammals?

mammals its may be wrong but u never said it had 2 be right lol i dont know it 2 i was trying 2 find it but coudnt if u know it plzzzzz write on her the answer. k i figured it out it was rodents

Where does the largest mammal in the world live?

The largest mammal in the world is the Blue Whale. Once found in oceans and seas around the world, it is now found only in parts of the Antarctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, having been hunted virtually to extinction.

Are penguins the largest mammal in Antarctica?

Penguins are birds, not mammals. The whale is the largest mammal in Antarctica - whales are not fish, because they are warm blooded, breath air through lungs (not gills, like fish), and they give birth to live young who feed off their mother's milk (unlike fish who either lay eggs or do not feed (MORE)

Largest water mammal is what?

The largest water mammal is Blue Killer Whale. Additional answer Actually, the blue whale and the killer whale are two different animals, with the blue whale being much the bigger.

What is the largest lining species of mammal?

It is the blue whale. This mammal is also the largest animal that has EVER lived in the history of Earth. Yes, These creatures are indeed larger than I any Dinosaur that ever lived! A blue whale has an average length of 80 feet and a weight of 120 tons!

What is the worlds largest freshwater mammal?

The largest freshwater animal in the world is Arapaima or a.k.a.Pirarucu. > That is certainly one of the largest fish in the world, but it is not a mammal. The largest freshwater mammal is the semi-aquatic hippopotamus, spending around 16 hours per day in the water. Another large aquatic m (MORE)

What is the largest aquatic mammal?

The largest aquatic mammal is a blue whale. Blue whales are also the world's largest mammals, but since they live in the water they're aquatic mammals. The largest known aquatic mammal is the Blue whale. They grow to an average length of 25 metres (80 feet) and have an average weight of 109 tinnes, (MORE)

Are gorrilas the largest living mammals?

No. The largest living mammal currently known is the blue whale, which is also believed to be the largest animal of any kind ever to have existed on Earth. It reaches lengths of 100 ft and can weigh 150 tons.

What is the world's largest and heaviest mammal?

The blue whale is the world's largest and heaviest living mammal.The largest "land" mammals are elephants and hippos, with Africanelephants being the heaviest. (Like whales, hippos use the buoyancyof water to offset their great mass, and can move easily in riversand ponds.)

What are the four largest land mammals?

1. African Bush Elelphant, Loxodonta Africana . 2. African Forest Elephant, Loxodonta Cyclotis . 3. Asian Elephant, Elephas Maximus . 4. White Rhinoceros, Ceratotherium Simum .

Is the largest mammal a blue whale?

Blue Whales are the largest known living animal species on earth. Animals that were as large as 27 meters in length (nearly 90 feet) and weighing over 170 tonnes have been recorded. Since these animals were measured and weighed after they were cut up into manageable pieces, the actual size and weigh (MORE)

What is the largest antarctic marine mammal?

I think its the Polar bear. It is the largest land animal and carnivore but sometimes we regard it is a marine mammal because it spends many months of the year at sea. The Polar bear is an arctic mammal, not antarctic, they do not live in antarctica. The biggest antarctic marine mammal that i can t (MORE)

What is the largest mammal in Antarctica?

No animals live on Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no foodchain. Sea mammals, including seals and whales, visit Antarctica duringbreeding season. The largest of these to rest on the beaches may bethe seals.

What is the largest and heaviest mammal?

Blue whales are by far the largest and heaviest mammals. In point of fact, they are the largest animals of any type on the planet. There is some evidence that they are the largest animal to have ever existed on this planet. Good question!

What country has the largest mammal?

The largest land mammal is the African elephant. No country truly has them as they graze freely across areas thousands of square miles in area.

What is Britain's largest land mammal?

There are two categories for this: the largest known land mammal in Britain's wildlife would be the antlered red stag/deer; the largest known domesticated mammals in Britain are the steer bulls - at least four are taller than six feet and weigh in at more than a ton each.