What is the leading cause of cancer?

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Toxins in our environment are the leading cause of cancer. Just look up information on the 'Love Canal' and see what toxins can do. The leading cause of childhood leukemia is exposure to toxins.
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What causes cancer?

Many things are known to cause cancer. In general, things that cause cancer are called "carcinogens". (Nearly all "mutagens" are also carcinogens and vice versa). Most carcinogens cause only one particular type of cancer. For example: . excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation is th (MORE)

How is cancer caused?

by ur body If you're talking cell-wise; if your body accidently produces a 'faulty cell' it normally kills itself. But if you have cancerous cells these fail at this and carry on multiplying on the wound making a lump appear. This is cancer.

How does smoking lead to lung cancer?

Answer: Tobacco contains 43 different chemicals known to cause cancer,these chemicals are also called carcinogens. Answer2: Cigarette smoke contains tar, consisting of over 4,000chemicals. Of these chemicals, 43 are known to cause cancer. Amongthem are cyanide, benzene, wood alcohol, and acetylene (MORE)

What are the causes of cancer?

There are many causes like: . radiation, even radiotherapy for cancer can cause another typesof cancer . chemicals like tobacco, asbestos, and even some anticancerdrugs can cause cancer. . viruses, most of them are sexually transmitted. . bacteria (helicobacter pylori) which is associated with (MORE)

What is the leading cause of lung cancer?

The leading cause of lung cancer is surprising as most would think it is smoking. The real culprit on a global scale is air pollution. The UN released a report citing Ait pollution as the leading cause of lung cancer. I do not have a source for the report but I believe it was released last year.

Does lead cause cancer?

No lead does not cause cancer but you shouldn't bite it anyway because it does cause some damage. Ink may or may not cause cancer depending on what type of ink it is. Biro pens are not harmful but handwriting ink or gel pens can mess your health.

What can cause cancer?

I read a report a while back. It stated that Peanut butter is cancerous. This was based on animal testing where rats or mice were given a diet of.... only peanut butter... There are many things we eat on a daily basis that are thought to be healthy in small amounts, but if overdoing it, we get a (MORE)

What is the cause of cancer?

Healthy cells become cancer cells by means of genetic alteration, and that alteration can be caused by a variety of things including viruses, radiation including ultraviolet radiation present in sunlight, toxic chemicals, or even physical injury on a microscopic scale that can be caused by such thin (MORE)

Cancer is the second leading cause of death?

Five leading causes of death by rate . Cardiovascular diseases. . Infectious and parasitic diseases . Ischemic heart disease . Malignant neoplasms (cancers) . Cerebrovascular disease (Stroke) . Source: Wikipedia

How does cancer cause?

I'm not sure I understand the question. But cancer can cause multiple symptoms. Such as, tiredness, aches, muscle pains, and stunted growth in some areas.

How can lung cancer lead to skin cancer?

Cancer can spread throughout the body through our circulatory system. Sometimes a cancer cell will hitch a ride in the bloodstream and then root itself in a different part of the body, eventually growing into a new tumor.

Can smoking lead to skin cancer?

Most people say that it does but, i really do think it is bad for you and you shouldn't do it because i tried it and it just ruins your life so don't smoke just get candy and suck on it like that and then maybe it will solve your problem so yea most people say that it does lead to cancer so just don (MORE)

What are cancer causes?

Tumor is a class of illnesses described by crazy cell development.There are more than 100 distinct sorts of growth, and each ischaracterized by the kind of cell that is at first influenced. Disease hurts the body when adjusted cells isolate wildly to framebumps or masses of tissue called tumors (as (MORE)

Leading cause of cancer mortality?

By far, by numbers, the leading cause of cancer death is from lungcancer both small and non small cell, of which 229,000 new caseswill be diagnosed in the USA; and is responsible for 160,000 deathsin the USA.

What do cancers do that may lead to death?

Cells that become cancerous grow uncontrollably and often invade healty tissue (in the lungs, intestine, and other organs). When this happens, it starts to inhibit the way the organ(s) functions. The fact that cancer can spread to adjacent tissue and organs (called metastisis) will often lead to t (MORE)

How does oral cancer lead to brain cancer?

usually through the blood but also cancer is an uncontrollable growth of cells that invade and destroy nearby tissue & oral cancer may be located near the brain (cancer eats away at bone) Lastly i read some where that the stress, & mental unstability of being diagnosed with cancer can cause new canc (MORE)

Cause that lead to breast cancer?

95% of breast cancer in female are of unknown causesthe risk factor included . positive family history . extreme age . mutation of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene . personal history of breast cancer . radiation exposure . DES exposure

If you have bone cancer can it lead to any other cancer?

Potentially. Cancer is simply uncontrolled, rampant cell growth. For some reasons, the cells go into "overdrive" with forming new cells. Since we're still not sure exactly what causes this to happen (although there are several theories out there), it's not that bone cancer necessarily causes othe (MORE)

Can Genital herpes is caused by a virus that may lead to cervical cancer?

There is some debate if genital herpes leads to cervical cancer; I don't believe it is proven. HPV (genital warts) can lead to cervical cancer and a person infected with HPV and herpes has a higher risk of cervical cancer. I don't believe you need to worry about cervical cancer being caused from the (MORE)

Is nicotine the leading cause of cancer deaths?

Nicotine is not the main problem. It is the tar, resins and other toxins in tobacco products that mostly cause the cillia to die and growths to form. Nicotine is, however, used in large doses as a pesticide so be careful not to overdo it with the patches.

Can feminine itch lead to cevical cancer?

Cervical cancer is caused by a virus called the human papillomavirus. Itching of the vagina is usually due to a bacterial infection or a yeast infection (i.e.thrush). Neither of those can cause cancer, but cancer could cause similar symptoms. If you go for regular pap smears, you should be safe. Obv (MORE)

Do cancer genes cause cancer?

There are a number of different cancers that are hereditary. . There is screening and testing you can do to identify if you may be suscpetible to a genetic cancer. That is they are caused by a faulty gene that may have been inherited from your parents. Only 5-10% of cancers seem to be the resul (MORE)

Does a swollen prostate lead to cancer?

Not necessarily. A swollen prostate, typically called BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) can occur in healthy men with no connection to cancer. It does not indicate cancer. It does not mean that you will get prostate cancer down the road.

What is the perfect storm that can lead to cancer?

There is, of course a Tropic of Cancer on world maps and globes, but I am not aware of any weather conditions ( Gales, storms, cyclonic or whatever) that could be classed as carcinogenic. To be sure toxic chemical spills can cause various ailments, but weather by itself is not linked to Cancers, I a (MORE)

Can black magic lead cancer?

yes dear , is you watch the cancer sign "it look like black spider" , i believe the satanists its like a very old secret mafia still exist till today they use black magic in order to infect people with cancer , now you are asking why they want to infect people with cancer ? the answer is very simp (MORE)

Is skin cancer leads to death?

There's three types of skin cancer: Basal cell carcinoma: Rarely fatal, but can be. However, it is almost always discovered and removed early, and that is the end of the threat. But you must be re-examined thoroughly at intervals, as it is the type of skin cancer most likely to recur. Squamous ce (MORE)

Does brown semen lead to prostate cancer?

No. The cause of prostate cancer is not known. What we DO know is that if a man lives long enough, he will develop prostate cancer. By age 70, most men have an enlarged prostate, and by age 90 we all do. Some of us develop fast-growing and therefore dangerous cancers, but most of us will live out (MORE)

Does HPV always lead to cervical cancer?

Not always but they are the primary reason for this kind of cancer. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you believe you are infected or have questions about this virus.

How can exposure of bright sunlight lead to cancer?

it's not how bright the sun is that causes cancer. it is the UV rays. if you stay in the sun for extended periods of time therefore soaking up large amounts of UltraViolet rays you have a greater risk of developing cancer

Will smoking catnip lead to cancer?

"Catnip is generally not recommended for human consumption, and so there are no definitive tests as to whether or not it causes cancer in humans. However, some tests show that catnip may in fact help fight kidney cancer."

Does carbon monoxide is the leading cause of cancer in the smokers?

No. It is the tar and other impurities in the smoke. If you are inhaling these, they will destroy the very tiny cilia that are important in the respiratory tract. Those impurities are what cause the cancer and they remain deep in the lungs as the cilia can't remove them. Nicotine in the cigarettes i (MORE)

How does cancer lead to dealth?

Cancer cells from malignant tumors can invade many differenttissues, such as bone, lungs, spleen, and more. This is how mostcancer patients pass along.

Can you get cancer from lead pellets?

Before answering, this is my story. My birthday was the 12th ofDecember and I received a pellet gun. Without a though I put ittogether and tried it. Today is 1/8/16 my birthday was last yeari'm 14 years old and I have a habit of chewing on things. Sowithout thinking or reading the back I made a dumb (MORE)