What is the least practiced religion?

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A:Perhaps Pastafarianism, as I doubt if any of its many adherents practise any rituals or worship.
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What religional practices are there?

There are thousands of different rites, beliefs and practices. It all boils down to which specific religion, or religions, you are asking about. You will need to provide more

What is the least practiced religion in israel?

There are numerous religions that have no members in Israel, suchas Cao Dai, Shamanism, Voodoo, Santeria, Asatru, etc. Of religionsthat have a very marginal presence in Israel

Can you have a religion but not practice it?

Of course. However sometimes this will appear to be illogical. My mother hasn't gone to church for decades and has no interest in going. However, she will claim to be Roman Ca

How do you practice religion?

Some limit their attendance to only a small number of annual events and for some it is marked on a weekly basis. For a rare few, religion is a way of life and a full time expr

What is your opinion on religion - What religion do you practice and why?

As this is a question that calls for opinions and opinions differ,you may see conflicting viewpoints. Atheist Viewpoint In my opinion, religion is nonsense. I respect all r

What are the major religion or religions practiced in France?

The major religion of France has traditionally been Catholicism. However, freedom of religion is guaranteed in France and there are many religions present there. In modern tim

Why do you practice a religion?

Many people practice a religion for guidance and finding ones self. For example, Christians read the bible and pray to Jesus so that one day they can enter the kingdom of Heav

Religion What religion do you practice and why?

I don't follow a religion per se, I am considered mennonite(anabaptist), but I live in the inner city where I evangelize and go to church regulary. I choose the anabaptist bel
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What branch of Islam is least practiced?

It is very difficult to determine which sect of Islam is least practised. Anyhow, the most practiced sect is Ahl-i-Sunna wal Jamaat. (Sunni Muslims following the Jurisprudence