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A:Perhaps Pastafarianism, as I doubt if any of its many adherents practise any rituals or worship.
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What Religions Did Guyana Practice?

Christianity, Hinduism, and Muslim (Sunni) are three religions practiced in Guyana, with Christianity being the dominate religion. These however are not the only religions pra

When did the practice of the Roman religion end?

Christianity became the state religion of Rome in the 380s CE, and the practice of paganism was officially banned in 391. However, the ban was not uniformly enforced at first

What religions do the Tahitians practice?

Christian Protestanism is the most widely practiced religion in Tahiti (50%), with Catholicism coming in a somewhat close second (35%). Mormos, Sanitos, Adventistes, and Jehov

What religion is practiced by most Syrians?

most syrians practice Islam . Syria from the Arab countries and all Arab countries are a muslim countries A-plus answer Sunni Islam

What religion does Britney Spears practice?

Spears was raised Southern Baptist. Shes previously stated she was into Kabbalah(because of Madonna) and at one point stated her baby was her religion(2006).  Recently (201

Were slaves allowed to practice religion?

In most cases, slaves were forced to follow the religion of their master. However, in the early days of Christianity, pagan slaves belonging to Christian masters had to get th

What is your opinion on religion - What religion do you practice and why?

As this is a question that calls for opinions and opinions differ,  you may see conflicting viewpoints.    Atheist Viewpoint   In my opinion, religion is nonsense.

What religion did the native Americans practice?

Actually most First Americans do and did practice a religious  lifestyle, that is beyond what most immigrants were able to  understand.   As there are hundreds of Native

What religion did the Turkic people practice?

In Pre-Islamic Turkic beliefs were dominated by shamanism. Tengri,  the sky God was worshiped by the upper classes until Manichaeism  was introduced in 763 during the Uyghur
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What is the least important practice of judaism?

This question fails to understand what Judaism is about. There are not some duties that are of a higher calling than other duties (as opposed to Catholicism's Sacraments which