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A:Perhaps Pastafarianism, as I doubt if any of its many adherents practise any rituals or worship.
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What religions are practiced the most in Egypt?

Main religions in Egypt   The religion of most people in modern Egypt is Islam which is the state religion. Approximately 87 percent of the population are Muslim. There i

What religion do Amish practice?

they are kinda like baptists in their doctrine.. They really don't believe anything weird or cultish; They are born again Christians... They just do things a little different

Why do people practice a religion?

Most people who have been brought up practicing a religion continue to do so into adult life. Many people practice spirituality instead of religion, although some people do bo

What religion do Bosnians practice?

Most of us practice the Islamic religion... 52% of us are Muslims such as myself, 40% Orthodox and 8% other including Jewish and Catholic

What is your opinion on religion - What religion do you practice and why?

As this is a question that calls for opinions and opinions differ,  you may see conflicting viewpoints.    Atheist Viewpoint   In my opinion, religion is nonsense.

What religion did the Ancient Greeks Practice?

The ancient Greeks had their own religion including the warship of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, Ares, and more. Later the Romans took the same myths but just renamed their g

What religion did Frederick the Great practice?

He was actualy one of the first outspoken atheist seing religion  as something to control the masses. A common descrption of him is  "an enlightened despot". He was for the
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What is the least important practice of judaism?

This question fails to understand what Judaism is about. There are not some duties that are of a higher calling than other duties (as opposed to Catholicism's Sacraments which