What is the lens specification of canon 1000d?

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What do you mean? It is a DSLR camera, not a lens.
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How do you turn the flash off on the canon 1000d?

There are two options. Option 1: you turn the big twist-button, where your on/off switch is located, and turn it until it is on the No Flash mode. Option 2: When you use
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What are the specifications for the Canon telephoto lens?

Canon telephoto lenses are a basic standard type of lens that magnifies the subject buy a certain percentage. Different lens are used in different settings- sunny, farther sub
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Where can someone purchase the Canon EOS 1000D?

The Canon EOS Rebel XS 1000D camera can be purchased on eBay. It is also available on Amazon and may be found in a local used or overstock electronics retailer or through loca
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Where can one purchase a Canon EOS 1000D?

One can purchase a Canon EOS 1000D at the bigger electronics store at ones local area. If purchased online, one could do so via Amazon or eBay. Here, there is the ability to p
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Where can one get a manual for the Canon 1000d?

A manual for the Canon 1000d is usually provided in the box that it comes in but can also be found on the USA Canon website. One can also get informational video on this camer