What is the life expecantcy of a second Lieutenant in Vietnam?

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During the Vietnam War, and in previous wars fought by the United States Army, such as the Korean War, WWII, WWI, Spanish-American of 1898, etc. Leader's have received some of the highest casualty rates. The US Army, as is (or maybe was, there are a lot of untraditional changes taking place within the traditional armed forces; the armed forces "might" be evolving into something different than the way mankind has had armed forces in the past) all or most of other nations, divided into two groups (During the Vietnam War): Enlisted men and officers. The "private" is entry level into the US Army. The "2nd Lieutenant" is the entry level into the officer corps. In Vietnam most 2LT's were promoted to 1LT almost immediately upon arrival "in country", just as new Privates were almost immediately promoted to PFC (Private First Class) as soon as they landed. Just a little incentive & extra pay for getting shot at.
Since both the Private and the Lieutenant are both new; they don't know how to walk (fast or slow), they don't know where to walk (off the trail, is it a trail?), they are inexperienced in using voice and hand/arm signals in the field, and directing a machingun to fire one way, when maybe the experienced '60 gunner knows where to fire because he was in "contact" here yesterday (before the LT arrived). These are some routine daily examples. And if the LT's wearing his rank, or talking on the radio (PRC-25), or giving hand/arm signals...he might be finished, if they're in a fight. In addition, officers are (or were in Vietnam) trained to be "AGGRESSIVE", lead from the front...add this attitude to the rank, signals and radio, and the clock's really ticking now! In many of the so called, "firefights" of the day, towards the ending years, in every "contact" we had, our officers were amongst or the only casualties. So, to answer your question, his survival was not "normally" measured in days or weeks, it was measured in "the first battle", "CONTACT!" as we called it. If the LT survived his first "contact", and it was a "hot" one, then "he's good to go!" (He'll probably survive).

According to all records, the life expectancy was expected to be 16 minutes.
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What was the life expectancy of a US soldier in Vietnam?

Life Expectancy Statistics show that when the action was at its highest, a total of 500,000 Americans were in Vietnam. Each year approximately 10,000 were killed. The average likelihood of 10,000/500,000= 2% of not returning alive from Vietnam in the 1st year of duty and 4% if it were to last 2 ye (MORE)

What was the lifespan of an American second lieutenant in the Vietnam War?

Answer 16 mins. I believe the exact definition of "16 mins" is given in the movie "Rules of Engagement", where Tommy Lee Jones' character "Colonel Hodges", the defense attorney for Samuel Jackson's character "Colonel Childers", challenges the prosecuting attorney Major Biggs (played by Guy Pearce) (MORE)

What is the average Vietnam life span?

Answer . People Vietnam Top of Page . Population:. 85,262,356 (July 2007 est.). Age structure:. 0-14 years: 26.3% (male 11,617,032/female 10,784,264) 15-64 years: 67.9% (male 28,711,464/female 29,205,498) 65 years and over: 5.8% (male 1,919,138/female 3,024,960) (2007 est.). Medi (MORE)

What does a lieutenant do?

What ever he is ordered to do. Lieutenants (along with Ensigns and Lieutenant Junior Grades) in the Navy are typically Division Officers, meaning they are responsible for a unit of men that have a particular function. They may be a Department head, responsible for several divisions. They may e (MORE)

Why is it the second Vietnam war was called American?

The French fought the Vietnamese Communists from 1946 until 1954, this was the first Indo-China War or the French War. The US fought the Second Indo-China War or the Vietnam War 1961-1975 (or 1961-1973). The Viet Communists won them both.

How much money does a second lieutenant of the air force earn?

Go to this web site. There are all military branches. http://www.militaryfactory.com/military_pay_scale.asp This is only part of the equation. You also need to know where you are going to be stationed, for housing allowance and you also get money for food. Both of these are "allowances" and are ta (MORE)

I understand that it is written somewhere that the life expectany of a soldier in Vietnam was some seconds or minutes. Do you have the answer?

This is not the first time this statement has been made. It can be applied to any serviceman in any war. For the US Marines storming the beaches on Iwo Jima in 1945, their life expectancy was surely measured in seconds. For an F-100 Supersabre pilot struck by ground fire in Vietnam, he has only seco (MORE)

What was soldiers way of life during Vietnam?

Men in the field (Sailors on Swift Boats & PBR's, Marines, Soldiers, etc.) only did three things: Eat, Sleep, and pull duty. Eating was the best part of the day. To this day, many years later, veterans still love to eat, especially when memories arise from those days. The average food was C-rations, (MORE)

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What was the second battle of the Vietnam War?

Unless the battle was "newsworthy", common firefights (battles) were not normally acknowledged by the media. Translation: Vietnam's "first" or "second" battle has probably been lost to history.

How many American lieutenants were killed in Vietnam?

Approximately 1,971 US Army 1st & 2nd Lieutenants were killed in Vietnam.. Approximately 593 US Marine Corps 1st & 2nd LT's were killed.. Approximately 171 US Navy Ensigns & LT Junior Grades were killed.. Approximately 244 US Air Force 1st & 2nd LT's were killed.

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Is lieutenant a higher rank than first or second lieutenant?

i think so. cuz in movies u nevr hear any1 address a first or second lieutenant This depends. Second Lieutenants and First Lieutenants are both addressed verbally as "Lieutenant". The Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force have Second Lieutenants as the lowest Commissioned Officer rank. They are then pr (MORE)

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How does lieutenant dan come back into Forrest life?

After the war, Forrest went to New York City to appear on "The Dick Cavett Show." Incredulous that Forrest had been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, Lt. Dan just had to see it for himself and waited for him at the studio door entrance. Lt. Dan still had not come to terms with his disabili (MORE)

Does a Second Lieutenant salute a First Lieutenant?

Yes. A matter of military protocol. The First Lt. outranks the Second. It really shouldn't be a big deal, Usually done in formal situations, but in most cases no one is going to kick a fuss about it unless the 1st Lt is really feeling uptight about it, usually when he just got chewed out on some iss (MORE)

Vietnam second Battalion 11th Marines?

The Regiment began deployment to Vietnam on 16 August 1965 and the 2nd Battalion arrived in Country on 27 May 1966. The Regiment was back in California by May of 1971.

What was the life expectancy of a sniper in Vietnam?

Which side? Communist snipers had a lower life expectancy than US snipers, because US snipers didn't have to worry about an air strike being called in on them. In over half the cases, US forces would call in an air strike on an enemy position, snipers included. US jets dropping napalm or 250, 500, (MORE)

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What is the role of a second and first lieutenant in battle?

That depends on their position. They could be on battalion staff, they might be platoon leader, they might be a company executive officer (in the case of a First Lieutenant), and it'll also be dependent on their occupation - a logistics officer and an infantry officer are going to have very differen (MORE)

What was life like for Australian soldiers in Vietnam?

Same as for US servicemen; hot, humid, no bath, no toilets, no showers, drinking water from creeks and rivers or bomb craters, leeches, snakes, MOSQUITOES, rats, spiders, always dirty always hot and usually damp; same clothes (uniforms for weeks at a time). Cold canned food every night and almost ev (MORE)

What was the daily life like for a Vietnam soilders?

Concerning the men in the field (called the "field" but it was the "front lines" for the Hollywood types): Picture yourself on a camping trip with a pick up truck, camper, or just a tent...or just a sleeping bag. Stay in the National Forest or BLM lands (public land; more or less) for about 30 days. (MORE)

Do W2 - Chief Warrant Officer out rank O-1 - second Lieutenant?

They do not. However a Marine Gunner is a highly skilled and trained individual and a young Marine Lieutenant is taught at The Basic School to respect their expertise. From an Army perspective: Agreed, a W2 does not outrank an O-1 (2nd Lieutenant), however Army Warrants are so specialized in thei (MORE)

What is the second name of the Vietnam war?

The veterans abbreviated it to "Nam. " And it was derisively called "McNamara's War" after Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Another Answer: To the Vietnamese it was called the "American War".

Life in vietnam after the war?

it was all different in different parts, some were bad for the soldiers, and some were good for them. most lives for soldiers were bad

What job does a Second Lieutenant do in the Army?

They typically they serve as platoon leaders, supply officers, in staff positions for higher ranking officers, and as aides to command officers. On the Lighter Side -> An M2 Get Lost Kit is composed of a 2nd Lieutenant, a compass, and a map.

How much are Marine Second Lieutenants paid?

That will depend on how long they have been in the service. The link below will take you to a military pay scale chart- a 2Lt is an O-1 on the chart (not an O-1E, that is a 2LT that has 3 or more years enlisted time)

How you can be second lieutenant?

become Well, you'd have to go though US Army Officer Candidate School (after college), US Army ROTC (during college), or apply and be accepted to (and graduate from) the United States Military Academy, aka "West Point." After completing any of these three, you will be pinned as a Second Lt.

Is it possible to be demoted from a second lieutenant to command sergeant major?

No, and any Command Sergeant Major would probably knock you upside the head for considering it a demotion (or even considering it at all). Second Lieutenant is an entry level Commissioned Officer rank. Command Sergeant Major is a very senior enlisted rank... even though a Second Lieutenant may techn (MORE)