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What is the life expectancy of a human?

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Human life expectantcy differs around the world. In Canada it's about 85 and in the US it's about 79.
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What is the average life expectancy for humans?

Though the life a diabetic is rather difficult; they can sustain a normal human being life expectancy. This of course is about 75 years old. Average life expectancy is 80-yea

What is the life expectency of a human?

It depends where you live. In Zimbabwe with HIV/AIDS and starvation, life expectancy is 34 years.. In a modern western society with good access to healthy food, water and hea

What is the average life expectency of a human?

Life expectancy at birth, by sex, by provinceMalesFemales / years / Canada / 1920 to 1922 | 59 | 61 / 1930 to 1932 | 60 | 62 / 1940 to 1942 | 63 | 66 / 1950 to 1952 | 66 | 71

Can cats extend the life expectancy of humans?

Any domestic animal will extend a humans life. Recent medical studies have reported that elderly people who live alone live an average of 5 years longer when living with a pet
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How old is the human life expectancy in 2010?

Hi, believe it or not people are living a lot less today than they were 100 years ago its not to my surprise people are making wrong health choices and they consume all these
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What would human life expectancy be if we lived in the wild?

One way to think about this is to look at what lifespan was when we did live in the wild. Until settled town-dwelling began (around 700BC in Europe), adult life expectancy was