What is the life expectancy of a wild mustang?

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Wild mustangs can live anywhere from 15 to 20 years of age. Sometimes shorter if poisoned or injured.
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Are mustangs wild?

All mustangs are free roaming horses, so in a sense, they are wild, but because they are descendants from domesticated horses that the Spanish brought over they are not wild h

Where are wild mustangs?

Wild mustangs? Well, there might be some in Colorado? But there are not really many left.

Why are wild Mustangs considered a pest?

It seems that anything or anybody that gets in man's way is considered expendable. Mustangs compete with some rancher's cattle and sheep for federal grazing land. The mustangs

How do Wild Mustangs live in the Wild?

Basically how any other wild animal lives. There is the risk of being captured by humans or being hunted as prey by carnivores, but wild horses have survived in the wild fo
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