What is the line called with File Edit View etc?

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That is called the "menu bar".
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How do you edit files?

Click on start..programs..accessories..notepad; when notepad opensclick on file..open; find the file you are trying to open thenclick ok. or Click on start..programs..accessories..command prompt (DOS promptfor older computers; go to directory where file is and type EDITfilename (whatever the nam (MORE)

How do you create or edit a CSS file?

You can create or edit a CSS file by saving a .txt document as .css. You can type or edit CSS in your favourite word editor. There are many free text editors on the www that will help to achieve this task A CSS editor can be a notepad, wordpad or any other simple text editor, professional desi (MORE)

What is a standin doctorclergyman etc called?

In Australia at least, a stand-in doctor (that is, a medical practicioner temporarilly in town to see the usual doctor's patients while he or she takes a break) is called a locum , the definition from Wiki: . Locum , short for the Latin phrase locum tenens (lit. "place-holder," akin to lieute (MORE)

Viewing a .bin files contents?

Answer . Download Daemon Tools- look for it on Google- and you can mount the bin file as a cd/dvd then you can view or copy as you want

How do you edit an Exe file?

Editing Compatibility Options . Open the Start menu. . Select "My Computer," then locate the EXE file you wish to edit using the file browser. . Right-click the chosen EXE file, then select "Properties" from the right-click menu. . Click on the "Compatibility" tab. Click on "Run this Progr (MORE)

How do you edit the PDF formated file?

You can edit any text in PDF or scanned document. Nowadays you cando it online 24x7 without using any software. You can do itinstantly by uploading PDF and downloading its editable version foryou to make changes. Please see the links in the "expert" answer. Buy the acrobat writer. Convert the (MORE)

How do you edit a PDF file?

The best way is by getting the Adobe software the makes a PDF file. You shouldn't edit it as it may be, as in most cases, copyrighted and it is illegal to do it. Though you can save a file as PDF from Microsoft Word.

How do you edit a PHP file?

Open it in Notepad. Add or remove whatever code you want. To test, you will have to upload it to a PHP enabled webhost, or you will need to install MySQL, PHP, and Apache on your computer. Use Editor to edit the PHP file. Example: Notepad++ , editplus ,Zend IDE ,Netbeans IDE

What is the etc inittab file?

The /etc/inittab file is a script that controls most of the boot sequence. It dictates what programs and scripts to launch and at what runlevels.

How do you edit cbr files?

1. change the extension file .cbr to .rar 2. right klick that file, and etract them 3. you have opened them 4. now you can edit that file

How can i edit a program file in notepad?

If you meet a file with the extension .exe, .dll and so on, you cannot do that. But you can open such files as *.ini, *.config and so (text based files). Right click on the file->Open with... Locate the notepad and double click on it.

Are NFL fantasy files edited?

Yeah, 100% of them are, even ones that are just kicking fielded goals. They add special effects to all of them and camera tricks to make it look real. Its just a marketing gimick. No different when you see Kobe Bryant "Jump" over an astin martin etc. Further proof can be found at this promotional (MORE)

How can you edit vob files on your computer?

I always doing the vob edits with Womble MPEG Video Wizard. It can directly import&edit vobs on a frame by frame basis and only the parts that need to be re-encoded are re-encoded - without reencoding the unmodified parts of the streams. save my time and preserve the image quality.

What can you do to edit the PDF file?

Nowadays you can do it online 24x7 without using any software. You can do it instantly by uploading PDF and downloading its editable version for you to make changes.

Why cant you edit a pdf file?

The portable document format, more commonly known to the rest of the world as "PDF," is a file format that is recognized by various desktop publishing applications and software. PDF's allow users to send documents exactly as they were made. In general, however, most PDF's restricts or blocks the in (MORE)

How can video files be edited?

Features for video editing are limited in Windows Movie Maker considering the program is very basic. You can however, adjust the audio levels, cut/trim and/or split the video.

How do you edit an fcm file?

The FCM file type is primarily associated with 'Factory Commander' by Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc.. Factory Commander is a Cost and Resource Evaluation software platform that can be applied to any discrete manufacturing or assembly operation. The FCM file is a zipped archive of database files repre (MORE)

How can you edit PHP files online?

Many web hosts provide software so you can manage your website online. Software such as cPanel which is one of the more common software's used. cPanel has a built in file manager for your website, it also allows you to directly edit your scripts online without having to use an FTP to upload and down (MORE)

How do you make a pdf file and edit it?

To MAKE a PDF file, you could try Adobe Acrobat, it could create the PDF easily. Or try third party tools like PDF Creator, it could create PDF file in second, just like converting file to PDF. While Acrobat works the different way, it could save PDF just like some word processing does. You cou (MORE)

Is it possible to view and or edit the coding in java ME?

Yes and no. If you download and install the Java ME JDK, you will be given the option to install the source files for all Java classes in ME. This means that you can view the source by navigating to the directory you installed it to. However, you should not directly edit the classes found in the (MORE)

How do you edit a file in UNIX?

To edit any file in Unix, use a file editor; there are several, including the venerable 'vi' program or 'vim', pico, nano, etc.

How can you edit pdf files?

To edit PDF files, you would have 2 options, edit pdf directly or convert PDF to doc first then edit it in your familiar environment. To edit PDF files directly, first choice should be Adobe Acrobat, but I have to say it's expensive for common uses. Also you could try PDF Editor much cheaper than Ac (MORE)

How do you view wmv files on Mac?

Mac doesn't come with any built-in solution to handle wmv files. However there are few third party software and components that can be installed to solve this. Since wmv is a Microsoft Windows format, the best solution is to install the 'Windows Media Components for Quicktime' which will allow you t (MORE)

How do you edit the text of a PDF file?

If you can't edit a PDF file's text, it might be scanned file. In that case, if you want to edit it, please use some PDF ocr softwares. PDF ocr software can recognize the charactors of the file and turn them into text files. PDFOCR is a famous, easy-to-use ocr software, and you can try it by clickin (MORE)

How can you edit a certain part of lots of html5 pages with one external file for example editing a little part on each page called News or most popular easily by editing an external file?

That can be done using JavaScript and on each webpage a Div with aset ID. Then you can add the elements to your page usingdocument.createElement and document.addChild, linking the ID's ofthe areas (div) that you want to edit? If you are not sure how todo this, just google it. Stackoverflow is one gr (MORE)

How do you edit a file in a sharepoint document library and prevent other users from viewing or overwriting the changes you make to the file you are working on?

You cannot prevent others from viewing the file while you're working on it, as long as they've read permissions to it. However they wouldn't be able to see the changes that are being done while you work on it, unless you check in the file. To achieve this, Open the document library settings. Go to ' (MORE)

Can you edit the header files?

Yes, but if the header files were provided by the library/compiler implementation, you should not do that, as you can alter the designed behavior, or even break the library or compiler.

How do you edit a bookmarks HTML file?

You would need to open it with a text editor, such as Notepad, or you could open it with a word processor or web design software. You do need to be careful and know what you are doing. Sometimes it is better to make changes in the original set of bookmarks and then recreate the HTML file, or import (MORE)

Can you edit mp3 files with audacity?

MP3 files opened with Audacity will be converted to a non-compressed Wave files format for editing. To save the file back as an MP3, you will need to install a 3rd party MP3 codec such as the LAME MP3 encoder.

How do you edit gif files into doc?

Word is not designed to change graphics. You will need a GIF editor to change the actually graphic itself. You can paste it into a Word Document or import it. All you can do then is things like change the size of it, but not adjust the actual graphic itself.

How do you edit a file in excel?

First open the file. Then you can make whatever changes are needed.Pressing the F2 key is one way of starting to edit a cell. You canalso just start to type directly into it. Once you have made thechanges you need then you can save the file.