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What is the liquid inside a coconut?

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coconut milk
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What is the hot liquid inside the earth?

  Magma is the term used for molten rock in the crust and upper mantle. The outer core is primarily molten iron and nickel. Magma is the name for molten rock inside the Ea

What is the liquid inside batteries?

Car batteries use concentrated sulfuric acid. It is very caustic and can burn skin and clothing. DO NOT pour it out of the battery. Many auto parts stores will take old batter

What is the liquid inside your car battery?

water... at least in my battery, i have to fill it up every now and again..   Water and sulfuric acid

Explain how liquid detergent emulsifies coconut oil and water?

Liquid detergent consists of a hydrophilic sulphurous head and a hydrophobic hydrocarbon tail. When detergent is added to coconut oil and water, the head dissolves in water an

Is there a seed inside the coconut?

The coconut itself is a seed (the complete thing). The outer husk is a flotation devise and the bit inside the hard shell is the food store (and water store) for the growing e