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What is the little dot by your front camera on your itouch 4?

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it is a microphone... i thought the same thing when i first got my one as well
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When will there be an itouch with a camera?

well in February 2010 they made about 2000 itouches with cameras, but they had last minute problems and they had to tear them apart, because they tryed to make it the same siz

Does the second generation itouch have a camera?

No, it doesn't have a camera. No generation of iPod Touch (iTouch) has a camera built into it. Apple is thinking about putting it in a later generation, but we do not know f

Is the iTouch ever going to have a camera in it?

no one knows..... but if you want the ipod touch and it to have a camera than you should get the iphone it is the same thing as the ipod touch but you can call, text, and it h