What is the longest railway in the world?

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I think it is the Trans Siberian running through Russia, but I need conformation. _____ The Trans-Siberian Railway is definitely the longest railway in the world. It starts at Moscow and 9,289 km and seven days later, it finishes in Vladivostok. There are a great many intersecting and parallel railways that are associated with it including the Trans-Manchurian and the Trans-Mongolian, The BAM and Little BAM. The Trans-Siberian Railway is a miracle of modern engineering through an extremely hostile environment. Trans-Siberian Handbook by Bryn Thomas.
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What is the longest railway straight in the world?

  The Indian Pacific is a passenger rail service running between Perth and Sydney, Australia. This section was built as narrow gauge, and even when it was converted to sta (MORE)

What is the longest railway platform in the World Gorakhpur or Kharagpur?

from April 12,2012 now the world longest railway platform is gorakhpur railway platform in utter pradesh India. the length of gorakhpur railway station platform is 1.324 km bi (MORE)

What is the world's longest railway?

Answer     At about 10,000 KM or just under 6,000 miles the Trans-Siberian Railway covers over 1/3 of the circumference of the Earth and is the world's longest rail (MORE)
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What is the longest straightest railway line in the world?

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What is the longest railway platform in world?

Kharagpur/KGP (1072.5 m) houses the longest railway platform in the world (excluding subway platforms). It is in West Bengal, India and falls under West Midnapur district. It (MORE)