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The loudest animal is the tiger pistol shrimp.
The Howler Monkey is the loudest land animal and
The Tiger Pistol Shrimp is the loudest animal in the world, hitting 200 dB
in the zoo- lion
the loudest animal in the world is the sperm whale which produces a sound (CLICK) to communicate with other whales. this click is louder than a thunderclap, but since they live underwater we don't hear their click.

Correction: The question was: What is the loudest animal on Earth?

The correct answer is: Blue Whale ++++
How loud is a thunderclap, and what is the whale's calling Sound Pressure Level and Power though, assuming the same distance attenuation for both? Many echo-locating bats can call at extraordinarily high SPLs - I believe there is one South American species that can produce an SPL of up to 120dB re 20µPa - although as bats are small animals the call power is very low. It's true that you won't normally hear an underwater animal's call, because the sound is reflected back down from the water surface. They are recorded using hydrophones (underwater microphones).
The Blue Whale is the loudest animal in the world.
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What is the loudest sound ever?

The Bloop, because with extremely loud and low frequent soundthe sound kilometer is more than 3,000 km miles from it's source.If its an animal, it is louder than the loudest animal in theWorld. . +++ . If that fantasy, including the invented "sound kilometre [sic]",means anything to anyone... Good (MORE)

What is the loudest sound?

The loudest noise or sound is The Bloop because in 1997, U.S. NOAAheard a sound that is never been heard of that is also the loudestsound ever. The sound can cause from more than 5,000 km away fromit's source. If it is an animal, it is louder and bigger than theloudest animal and the biggest animal (MORE)

What is the loudest subwoofer?

The loudest subwoofer ive heard with my experience is a kicker l7 18 inch or an audio bahn black label competetion 18. but for a regular car stereo nothings better then an old fashion slo barics or a mtx sledgehammer.

What is the loudest noise?

Terrestrial Noise: The loudest noise ever recorded was the Krakatoa eruption which was equivalent to 13,000 times that of a the little boy nuclear explosion. Atomic/Nuclear Bomb at 210 dB (decibels) Your eardrums would pop instantly in a sudden wave of absolutely unbearable pain. Astronomic (MORE)

What is the loudest monkey?

the mantled howler has a bigger voice box than humans has a massively loud howl.animal detective.ANAS danoun

What animal makes the loudest sound?

Improved: The blue whale does not make the loudest sound. However, the only animal that is able to surpass the 188 decibels that the blue whale makes, is the pistol shrimp. It has the capability to shoot air bubbles out of it's claws with pressure making a sonic wave of 200 decibels. It's claws are (MORE)

What is the loudest insects?

cicada Cicadas (cricket) located in Australia have a loud noismaker called a 'timbais' located on the sides of the abdominal base. During mating season the noise is great and often annoys residences around them.

Loudest animal in the world?

The loudest aninal in the world is the pistol shrimp. it can make a sound loud enough to break glass. it can reach sounds up to 200 decibels and louder is not true you noob

What is the loudest animal on earth?

Humpback whales, Giraffes (we can't hear them but they are loud never the less) Not true! Whales are one of the loudest animals on the planet, but there is one animal that generates noises in access of 200 decibels, the Blue Whale only generates noises in access of 188 decibels. You can keep wo (MORE)

Who has the loudest car?

A Monster Truck totally..... and I am SO RIGHT! A "Top Fuel Eliminator" dragster is the loudest I have heard.

What is the loudest guitar?

if we are speaking in terms of electric guitars, there is no "loudest" as the sound comes from the beast F****** amplifying sitting next to you;)

What is the loudest motorcycle?

This isn't a question that can be easily answered, because volume can be dependent on so many things. Two motorcycles that are the same model and are purchased at the same time can be the same volume because of the smallest of factors. If you have two carbureted bikes, and one is warmed up slightly (MORE)

What is the loudest animal in a zoo?

Not all zoos have the same animals so it is impossible to tell unless you provided a list of animals in sed zoo Ans2: Elephants are capable of producing very loud infra-sound that can be understood four kilometers away. Humans cannot hear these low-frequency sounds. See Link If this was not (MORE)

What is the largest fastest loudest or strongest animal?

The largest is between the Sea Jelly (Jellyfish) or the Blue Whale.. The fastest would be the Peregrine Falcon going 200 mph, AMAZING HUH?. The loudest would be the Blue Whale.. The strongest is between a gorilla and the African Crowned Eagle.

Name the loudest animal in zoo?

The blue whale can produce sounds up to 188 decibels. This is the loudest sound produced by a living animal and has been detected as far away as 530 miles.

Who is the loudest insect?

The loudest insects are male cicadas in the Homoptera Order. This locust can be heard about a quarter of a mile away, same as four football field lengths. The African Cicada clocks at 107 decibels and is almost as loud as a road drill.

What is the loudest earthquake?

The loudest recorded earthquake occurred in Japan in March of 2011.The Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and Oregon StateUniversity stated it was the loudest underwater sound everrecorded.

What animal creates the loudest sound of any living creature?

The Blue Whale produces a sound of around 188 decibels that canbe heard up to an astounding 530 miles underwater. . +++ 188dB re what though? The 1µPa used in marine acoustics and sonar,or the human-threshold of 20µPa used in airborne acoustics? Theyare 26dB apart. The whale is also probably (MORE)

What is the loudest reptile?

Reptiles do not make noise other than a hiss, when angry, except for a very disturbed rattlesnake. This is one reason for their popularity as pets.

Which iPods are the loudest?

Well ipod touches play music with and without headphones, so does the new ipod nano that records videos, all of them are loud, take a pick

What type of animal is the loudest animal?

I HAVE THE ANSWER(S)! ~Here's the top 12, in descending order: Number 12- North American Bullfrog. Number 11- Australian's Bladder Cicada. Number 10- Northern Elephant Seal. Number 9- Kakapo. Number 8- Bulldog Bat. Number 7- Lion. Number 6- Spotted Heyna. Number 5- Elephant. Numb (MORE)

What Portable Speakers are the loudest?

Many good portable Bluetooth speakers are available from top brands such as Soundcast Melody, Altec Lansing inMotion SoundBlade Speaker, Sony SRSBT100 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers and Supertooth etc. The portable Bluetooth speakers like SuperTooth BUDDY is amazing with great sound quality. For more de (MORE)

Which dog barks the loudest?

All dogs have a different bark but larger dogs will probably have a deeper maybe louder bark and a smaller dog would have more of a higher pitched bark but it all depends on type of dog and age of dog. German shepherd dog, I have a 6 month old German Shepherd dog, he is my third GSD. He barks at (MORE)

What is the loudest pitch?

Pitch does not determine loudness, and loudness does not determine pitch. Loudness is the measure of sound pressure (dB), while pitch is the frequency at which an object vibrates. You cannot say any pitch is louder than another, because pitch and sound intensity are completely independent of each ot (MORE)

Name the loudest animal at zoo?

Howler Monkey's have been known to be very loud, they may be the loudest in a specific zoo that contains Howler Monkey's but I am unsure about the general loudest animal in the zoo.

The loudest song ever?

Very debatable but it would most likely be some sort of heavy metal song, which would most likely be a sub-genre such as grindcore or death metal and possibly black metal and avant-garde metal. My best bet would be within a sub-sub genre such as deathgrind or brutal death metal. Even though a song m (MORE)

Which animals can hear the loudest sounds?

Bats are one of the best animals because they cant see they hear things and so are cats because they hear and smell there prey so they have great senses cats are great!

Which Clarinet is the loudest?

No clarinet is really louder than any other. I wonder if you are thinking about the difference between higher and lower. The Bass and Contrabass clarinets play the lowest pitches of the clarinet family, the E-flat soprano clarinet plays the highest pitches. The B-flat clarinet (most common) is the s (MORE)

Is the pistol shrimp the loudest animal?

YES! The pistol shrimp (Alpheidae) IS the loudest animal. They clap their claws together, which can break another shrimp's shell. Captured Pistol shrimp have been known to break the glass of their aquarium. They also interfere with sonar. See the related link listed below for more information:

Which animal makes the loudest sound of any animal?

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What animal sneezes the loudest?

Previously it was found that reverse sneezing in dogs is theloudest. However , according to the recent research baby panda bearsneeze very loud.

What animal has the loudest roar on land?

A lions roar may be heard from over 5 miles away, although a hyena's "laugh" may be heard up to 8 miles away. A howler monkey is known to be the loudest animal on land, it's call reaching up to 9 miles away. If you are asking about specifically a roar, then the African lion would have the loudest. (MORE)