What is the main event in main street?

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The main event on Main Street could be an event that is happening in many towns across the United States. There are several cities that have a street called Main Street. This is typically the street that runs through the main part of the city.
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What is Wall Street and main street?

In today's highly charged political world: Wall Street -- Ultra Rich Corporates (primarily Bank execs) who perhaps constitute a major portion of the "1% elite" Main Street -

What do you do on main street on steamworks island?

At the Clockwork Cantina, put the gears in the right places (big ones at top and bottom). Then turn the lever. You will get the Multi-tool. Then go to the garbage and pick up

Does main street need to be capitalized?

Yes, Main Street should be capitalized assuming it is the name of a street. If you are simply referring to a particular street that is seen as being main then it shouldn't
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Is main street proper noun?

The word 'Main Street' is a proper noun as the name of a specificstreet. The term 'main street' is a common noun as a word for any principlestreet of a small town. The noun '