What is the main festival of nagaland?

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It is the Hornbill Festival named after the Indian Hornbill which is a big and colourful bird in folklore. The festival is a mix of dancing, crafts games, singing, different foods for people to try.
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What is the main festival of Karnataka?

In Karnataka There are Many Festivals Are Celebrate Below is the List of Main Festivals in Karnataka .. Yugadi . Ganesha Chathurthi . Dussera . Depavali

Main Buddhist festivals?

Vesak which is held on the full moon of May celebrates the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha is most important. After this is Katina, or the giving of robes, wich

What are the main Chinese festivals?

they celebrate all kinds of things we celebrate as well but the main one is new year because they celebrate a new lunar calendar and the have a big party and celebration