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French and English are Canada's "Official Languages."

English is the working language of the majority of Canadians. French is the working language of an overwhelming majority of people in Québec. It is also the working language of significant parts of New Brunswick, especially in northern New Brunswick. New Brunswick is Canada's only "Officially Bilingual" province. French is also the working language in many parts of eastern and northeastern Ontario, as well as several population pockets across Canada.
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Is French the main language of Canada?

It is one of them- Canada's official languages are English and French. However, more people speak English. French is the predominant language in Quebec and is also widely sp

What are the main languages in Alberta Canada?

English is the primary language in Alberta.

Is spanish a main language in Canada?

Spanish is the main language of Spain. Canada's official languages (according to their Charter of Rights and Freedom) are English & French (Quebec).

How did Canada get its two main languages?

Canada has many more than two main languages. For example in British Columbia the main language English is a result of the British Empire kicking out other Europeans including