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French and English are Canada's "Official Languages."

English is the working language of the majority of Canadians. French is the working language of an overwhelming majority of people in Québec. It is also the working language of significant parts of New Brunswick, especially in northern New Brunswick. New Brunswick is Canada's only "Officially Bilingual" province. French is also the working language in many parts of eastern and northeastern Ontario, as well as several population pockets across Canada.
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What is Canada languages?

Well, a multitude of languages are used in Canada. According to the 2006 census, English and French are the mother tongues of 58.8% and 23.2% of Canadians respectively. New B

What language does Canada speak?

English and French are the two official languages of Canada. There are many other languages spoken across the country including Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese etc. french

What are the official languages of Canada?

French and English are the official languages of Canada. Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, Cree, Dëne Sųłiné, Gwich'in, Inuvialuktun, Slavey and Tłįchǫ Yatiì (Do

What is the main export of Canada?

  Main exports include motor vehicles and parts, industrial machinery, aircraft, telecommunications equipment; chemicals, plastics, fertilizers; wood pulp, timber, crude p

5 major languages of Canada?

Canada has two official languages: English and French. After these two languages, Chinese, Italian, and German are the most used languages.

What are the two official languages in Canada?

English and French are the main languages in Canada. 68% of Canada speak English as their first language.12% of Canada speak French as their first language.The remaining 20%

Why does Canada have 2 official languages?

Because Canada is a multicultural society-- a cultural mosaic, if you will. That, and there is a lot of both English and French influences in Canadian history. >:P

Why is French the official language of Canada?

French is not the only official language of Canada; it is one of  the official languages, the other being English. Canada was  explored and settled first by French-speaking

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How many languages are spoken in Canada?

There are approximately 100 different languages spoken in Canada, not including languages spoken by non-native immigrants and residents. The 2 official languages of Canada a