What is the main main river of England?

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The longest river is the Severn. An important river in England is the River Thames, because London is built on it.
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What is the main river in England?

The river Severn is longest closely followed by the Thames. The Trent is next. Other rivers include the Tyne, Ouse, Avon, Wear, Mersey and many more.

What are the main rivers in England?

The river Thames flows through the capital and is very important. The River Severn is the longest. The River Trent, the Mersey, the Dee, the Ribble. The Tyne, The Tees, The Ou

Where is the Maine river?

There is a river "La Maine" that is a tributary of the Loire River in France. There is no Maine River in the US state of Maine.

Is Swan river a main river?

Swan River, around which the settlements of Fremantle and Perth sprang up, is a reasonably significant river. Thought certainly not one of Australia's largest rivers, it is si

Where are the main rivers in England?

the main rivers in England are always locared around the edge of it, you can genrely see them on a map and there exact location is avaidable on... Google images wikipedi
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What are the main rivers and mountains in England?

Rivers Thames, Severn, Mersey, Trent, Avon are best known. There are few real mountains in England with Scafell Pike being the tallest. Most of the mountains in Britain are in
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Is The Murray River a main river?

Yes. The Murray River is Austalia's main river. Running for alength of about 2375km, the Murray River forms much of the borderbetween Victoria and New South Wales, and forms p