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What is the mains voltage supply in the UK?

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The nominal mains voltage in the UK is 230VAC, 50 Hz.
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What is the voltage IN THE UK?

In whole Europe there is 230 volts AC, so it is in the UK. Before there was 240 volts. Cheers ebs     Officially, to fall into line with EU harmonisation requirements, th

What is the minimum voltage of US household mains supply?

240, single phase for houses 208 3 phase for comerical property, can be single phase. 480 volt for industrial property or 660 volts, all 60 Hz USA calls it single phas

What voltage is the UK Mains supplied at?

230-240    It's described as 230 v for harmonisation with Europe, with a  tolerance of -6% +10% to allow for the fact that the actual supply  voltage in most places i

What is the household AC electrical power mains voltage in the UK?

The UK voltage is now 230 V +10% /- 6%, AC, 50 Hz. However, it's worth noting that this 'new' nominal voltage has been nothing more than a 'paper exercise' to comply with Eur

Does computer supply takes main power and transforms it to the voltages?

Your power supply unit, PSU. Takes AC power and distributes so much power to each connector. Each PSU, depending on the wattage of the unit gives each connector so much vo

Why is the voltage at the end of a long extension lead used with an electric drill less than the mains supply voltage?

Resistance in the length of wire that makes up the extension cord causes voltage to drop. But it needn't be a problem with the right extension cord. For an electric drill, up