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What is the master key for Nintendo 3ds if you can't contact Nintendo?

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The master keys are unique to each system, only Nintendo can tell you what yours is.
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How can you get a Master Key for a Nintendo Wii?

". This will generate an 8-digit confirmation code. Call 1800-255-3700. Make sure you are over the age of 18, because they need to create an account for a verification check.

What does a Nintendo 3DS do?

It has one camera in the front (facing you) and TWO facing the outside. It also will play regular DS games and its own 3DS games that will make the game 3D. The pictures you t

What is the Nintendo 3DS?

Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console produced by Nintendo. The autostereoscopic device is able to project stereoscopic three-dimensional effects without requirement of addi

Is there a Nintendo 3DS?

Yes there is a Nintendo 3DS, also an XL and a 2DS which is flat ,  plays 3DS games and cannot use the 3D feature , it is cheaper  though. :)

What is the Nintendo 3DS master key?

There is no such thing as a Nintendo 3DS master key. The key that  can be used to reset parental locks, was at one time able to be  calculated using the reference number the