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What is the procedure for stopping at a stop sign?

Stop your vehicle behind the first line you come to, that is the limit line. When you have stopped completely it is legal to go, providing it is safe. If more than one car arrives at the sign, the first one to stop has the right of way. If it is a four way stop, and you stop at the same time as another car, the car on the right goes first. Or just gas it. just kidding

How long do you have to stop at a stop sign?

There's not a standard amount of time. You just have to stop your wheels from any forward motion.

How much is the fine for not stopping at a stop sign?

The cost of a fine for not stopping at a stop sign, will varydepending on where you get ticketed for it. It can run anywherefrom $30 to more than $100.

When was the stop sign invented?

Stop signs originated in Michigan in 1915. The first ones had blacklettering on a white background and were 24 by 24 inches.

What materials stop sound?

Materials that stop sound are generally referred to soundproofingmaterials. Examples of these materials are resilient channels, rockwool insulators and acoustical mats.

Why are stop signs octagons?

Stop signs are octagons so they will be very easy to recognize,even when partially obscured by vegetation, snow, etc. The stopsigh is the ONLY traffic sign that uses this shape.

What is the approximate time to stop at a stop sign?

complete stop that's it. Wellll, not quite. One must come to a complete stop, but 'complete' is more precisely defined as holding that stop for 2-3 seconds. That was per the officer that gave me a ticket for a rolling stop, also known as a 'California Stop' or simply 'Stoptional'.

Where to stop for a stop sign in Ontario?

At the white line or the nearest line of the crosswalk. If there is no line, then at an imaginary stop-line extending out from the stop sign. You may ALSO need to stop at a point further ahead, where you can safely determine if it is safe to proceed. You obviously have to stop behind anyone ELSE who has stopped for the stop sign, then stop again when you reach the stop-line yourself.

Is it legal to park at at stop sign?

Not in any jurisdiction that I am aware of. In my own, it is illegal to park within 25 feet (of the apoproach side) of the sign.

How for from a stop sign must you stop in Alberta?

Assuming you were asking "how FAR from a stop sign must you stop in Alberta then the answer is: your bumper must be behind the stop sign line and pretty close to it. If you were to stop too far away from the line, you may not be able to see the pedestrians or other cars that could hit you.

What do you do at a stop sign?

At a stop sign (in the U.S.): 1. Stop . 2. Look for other stop signs to see if other directions also must stop. . If so : the first car arriving at the intersection has the right-of-way and should proceed first, taking turns in order of arrival. (Tie goes to the driver on the right.) . If not: check all directions and wait until there is a big enough opening to enter the intersection safely, beginning by looking left, then right, then left again. 3. Go .

What materials stop gamma rays?

i think it takes about 3 inches of solid led to stop a gamma rays.

How many signs does a stop sign has?

signs? or sides. If your question is how many sides does a stop sign have than the answer is 8. its a octagon

Is a stop sign a warning sign?

The correct answer is NO. A stop sign is considered a Regulatory Sign. Regulatory signs are typically the colors black, white, and/or red. Regulatory signs regulate traffic and tell a driver about a law. Examples include speed limits, yield signs, one way streets, do not enter signs, no turning, no parking, and (yes) stop signs. A warning sign, on the other hand, is typically diamond-shaped and the color yellow, orange or pink. They warn you of possible changes in the use or condition of the roadway ahead. A stop sign is not warning you to stop. It is TELLING you to stop because that is the law.

How do you say 'stop at the stop sign' in spanish?

you say alto. i hope you like Justin bieber because if u do you rock.

If there is a stop sign in front of your house do you have to stop at the stop sign?

yes. your address will never excuse you from traffic laws. If you park at the corner you must enter roadway then stop at or before stop sign no matter where you live

What is failure to stop at a stop sign?

It is a crime. You will be ticketed if caught. I don't think it is a "crime" more a moving violation, still worth a ticket though. It is breaking the law. Thus it is a crime. It is indeed a moving violation, but it is usually only an infraction as opposed to a misdemeanor or a felony. It would be breaking the rules..it would be very smart to stop at a stop sign. unless you have the money to just throw away over a stupid ticket..If regular vehicles have to stop...then so do motercycles

What are the material signs of a sacrament?

The material signs of a sacrament are those elements of the sacrament that effect our senses and direct our minds to the spiritual reality that the elements are signifying. Each sacrament has its own material signs. Baptism: water, oil, candle, white garment Confirmation: oil, laying on of hands Eucharist: bread, wine Reconciliation: the confession of the penitent and the words of absolution from the confessor Holy Orders: oil, laying on of hands Matrimony: the bride, the groom, the vows that they make Anointing of the Sick: oil, laying on of hands, water (sprinkling, if circumstances permit)

Which should you stop at a stop sign or stop line?

I would say a stop line because if theres a stop sign most likely there is a stop line.... and in some places like my nabior hood people steal stop signs so watch for the line....

Is it illegal to do a rolling stop at a stop sign?

In most countries a stop sign requires you to make the vehicle come to a COMPLETE stop on or before the lines on the road marking the edge of the junction. YES it is illegal to do what is often called a "Hollywood roll" (cruising through a stop sign) At the sign, you must come to a complete stop--while there, you might want to take the time to look both ways and ahead for oncoming traffic and/or pedestrians, then proceed through. If you Hollywood roll--you can get a ticket.

What material will stop a gamma particle?

Lead can stop gamma particles really fast because it is so dense.Gamma particles can also be reduced by water.

Do you have to stop at stop signs in shopping malls?

Yes. You must stop at stop signs in shopping malls. Sometimes the fine may not be the same as for running a stop sign on public property. In one state it is a violation for refusal to obey a legal traffic sign. A stop sign is a legal traffic sign under state law. Also, if you fail to stop for a "private" stop sign, you can be held responsible for any resulting damage or injuries occurring from your actions.

What materials stop ice from melting?

Ice (water in the solid state) will melt when its surface temperature reaches 0 degrees Celcius/32 degrees Fahrenheidt. If the ice is not pure, the melting point can be lower. To keep ice from melting, you need to insulate it against warmer temperatures - sawdust, styrofoam and ceramic materials are all pretty good insulators, although not for long-term storage.

How do you get the stop sign emblem on MW2?

Complete "Think Fast Stun" challenge. All of the titles and emblems can be found here http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Callsigns thx.

A stop sign is consider a stop position?

I recall this from Drivers Ed. Technically a stop sign is not a stop position. You should use the crosswalk, sidewalk or edge of the road as your stop position - not the sign itself.

How do you find the area of a stop sign?

Measure one side of the stop sign, and call it Bob. The area is approximately Bob times Bob times 4.828427. - - -- --- Some boring math people might say it like this: A=2(1+√2)s 2 .

A STOP sign is a regulatory sign?

yes, a STOP sign is one example of a regulatory sign stating a law; in this case, the law is that you must stop at the stop sign before proceeding. Other examples of regulatory signs include: Yield, Do not enter, one-way, no right turn, speed limit, no parking/standing/stopping, no bicycles or pedestrians, etc.

What material will stop an alpha particle?

A few centimetres of air will stop alpha particles. Similarly, paper, skin and any other thin materials will also stop them.

Sides in a stop road sign?

Yes, we actually have stop signs that lights up here, so there are sides, pfff!

What are the rules for a stop sign?

The rules for a stop sign are that you must come to a full stop before entering the intersection, give right-of-way to any other traffic, and then proceed only when the way is clear. If there is a stop line, you must stop before that line. If you cannot see oncoming traffic from that stop line, then you must also stop prior to entering the intersection.

A material that stops the flow of electricity is?

The Materials are of three kinds: - Conductors - Semiconductors and - Insulators The Insulators have the property to stop the flow of electricity, because they have less number of free electronics, which can conduct Electricity.

When a stop sign if there is no white line where do you stop?

Well you would simply stop before the sign, meaning that there is an imaginary stop-line that extends from any stop sign, and you must stop before you cross that line.

When at a stop sign and there is no white line where do you stop?

If there is no white line, you must stop before the stop sign, not past it. In some cases, it is okay to edge slowly forward so you are able to look left and right to make sure there is no traffic. If at a 3, 4 or all-way stop sign, stop before the stop sign and if there is no other cars at the other stop signs, you may continue on. Whoever stops first at a 3, 4 or all-way stop has the right away to go first, but many people don't follow that now.

What is the charge for stealing a stop sign?

Theft of a street sign might be classified as misdemeanor petty theft or felony grand theft, depending on the value of the sign. There also might be other associated charges such as interference with traffic control devices, but those don't apply in every state. This kind of theft could also have civil consequences. If the absence of the sign contributed to a traffic accident, the thief could be named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit and be liable to money damages.

How many seconds to stop at a stop sign?

2 seconds to 5 seconds , long enough to check that all directions are safe.

Where to stop for a stop sign in Michigan?

Well, if you want to put a stop sign in Michigan, I suggest you put it near the road on the left. And then don't let anyone graffiti all over it and yeah.

Is reversing at a stop sign illegal?

Yes, technically it is. Once at a stop sign, one must STOP--then proceed through the intersection to the other side. Reversing could result in confusion or an accident if anyone is behind you as that is NOT expected and normally should not occur.

Can infrared radiation be stopped by materials?

Yes, most objects that are opaque to visible light also stop IR. Water also stops IR.

What materials stop radio waves?

Good electricity conductors can stop the radio waves in their tracks. You should be able to receive a radio signal in a tank, made of steel, which is good conductor. Surely, tanks use radios for communication but the radio antenna sticks out for that reason, while for safety of the radio transmission should be much wiser to keep the antenna inside under cover. Moreover, water (again good conductor) prevents submarines from receiving traditional radio waves. The very long waves can go through though, the Navy uses 76Hz frequency for example. For many reasons long waves are impractical to use. That gives you in meters: 3947368.421052632m, nearly 4000 km!

Did a stop sign used to be round?

In Sweden, where I grew up, stop signs used to be round with an upside down triangle and the word STOP in it. People were quite annoyed when it changed to the red hexagonal now used in most of Europe (?) - it seemed like an unnecessary change.

Can you stop before a stop sign?

You cant because your momentum isnt the same with my abs that make the chuck die And yjou should stop

Is a line considered a stop sign?

no if anything it is where something starts. whoever asked this question you are stupid

How do you stop Skype automatic sign in?

sign in ur skype account. go to 'options' in top bar of the window then click on the 'tools' in the drop down menu. a window will be opened. in that window uncheck the box of 'Start skype automatically whenever i log on to computer' preass save/apply button. and it done !

What materials are outdoor signs made from?

An outdoor sign can be made from a few different types of materials. Some of the more traditional ones are made from different forms of wood. Plastic and metal have now been replacing wood, as they can last a lot longer, and most times be more financially easy.

Where do sign makers get the materials for the signs from?

Depands which kind of sign board they are going to make but mostly they use raw matterial from factries who provides them wood, paint

What materials do you need to build a sign?

The materials needed to build a sign varies depending on what type of sign it is. If it is, for example, a lawn sign, metal/wood (for the end going into the ground), plastic/paper/wood (for part where text is), and glue/staples/tape (for connecting the previous two parts) will be needed. For a hanging sign, wood/plastic/paper (for text), nail (to hang on), and chain/rope/yarn (to connect to sign and hang on nail).

What is stop sign?

A stop sign is a type of traffic sign that signifies drivers to stop and wait at a certain point. Stop signs are usually found at road junctions.

How does a stop sign work?

It sits there, it remains pointed in the diretion of travel, it'sfashioned in a an internationally recognized shape and colorscheme, and painted in reflective paint for ease of visibility inlow light conditions. People see it, and they know they're supposedto stop. In theory, this compels people to stop at an intersectionor stop point and wait until they're clear to proceed, but here inColorado Springs, it tends to be taken more as a suggestion than asa rule.

Are all stop signs red?

No. The Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals standardizedcolors for stop signs are either an octagon with a red background,white border, and the word Stop written in white or a circularshape with a yellow or white background, red border, and the wordStop written in blue, or black inside red inverted triangle. 62countries, including the UK, have signed the Vienna Convention onRoad Signs and Signals. The US uses the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD),which states that the minimum requirements for stop signs are a30"x 30" octagon with white lettering and border on a redbackground. Canda, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland use roadsigns based on the MUTCD. Japan uses an inverted solid red triangle and Zimbabwe uses a discbearing a black cross.

What is the interior angles of a stop sign?

3x squared - 12x - 24 = 0, and -b/a = sum of the roots, and c/a =product of the roots