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What is the maximum amount of memory an Intel DG31PR can support?

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4gb ddr2 memory
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Does Intel dg31pr motherboard Intel dualcore processor 2gb ram ddr2 supports windows 7?

Your question has become quite confusing because of Your Language but as per i got, i think You wanted to know that "if you can run windows 7 on a system that has 2GB RAM inst

Does Intel dg31pr mother board Intel dual core processor supports windows 7?

Installing Windows 7 was a little testy, had to disable onboard LAN until OS was loaded. Other then that, so far so good. it does tend to hang a little while on loading the we

What is the maximum amount of memory supported by a dual core machine?

Volatile or Non-Volatile Memory?    If it is Volatile, like RAM, then it isn't by the number of cores,  but by the number of physical slots available and by processor