What is the maximum storage capacity of a CD?

Most common CD-Rs nowadays store 700 MB information and 800 MB CD-Rs are also widely available. Maximum capacity of a CD-R nowadays is 860 MB. Maximum capacity of a CD is no (MORE)

What is maximum storage capacity of a DVD?

The formatted storage capacity depends on the type of DVD media: . 4.7 GB for a single layer DVD . 8 GB for a double layer DVD . 52 GB for a Blu-Ray DVD Actual data s (MORE)

What is the maximum database storage capacity of MySQL?

It all depends on what type of MySQL database you are using, and what operating system you are using. Depending on what you are using it could be Gigabytes, Terabytes or ev (MORE)

What is the maximum capacity for a cloud storage?

The cloud is not a single device, It is a virtual storage area thatcan extend to anywhere in the internet with storage capacity spreadamong multiple storage devices and in mul (MORE)