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What is the maximum storage capacity of a Blu-ray disk?

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20 to 50 gb(gigabytes)
A single layer blu ray disc store 25GB of data and dual layer can store up to 50GB of data
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What is the storage capacity of a hard disk?

this changes with time. currently average storage of a hard disk is about 250 GB when purchasing a new computer. The highest amount of space I have seen on a new hard drive is

What is the storage capacity of floppy disks?

The most common ones most people are familiar with were 1.44MB, but  there were many sizes of "floppy disk" from about a hundred  kilobytes to a couple hundred megabytes. 

Which Storage media has maximum storage capacity?

To be honest the ones that are being quite prevalent and in use  nowadays and are also tested and trusted are Mozy, Data protecto  and Carbonite. try them hope it works for

What is magnetic disk storage capacity?

Tape remains a viable alternative to disk in some situations due to its lower cost per bit. This is a large advantage when dealing with large amounts of data. Though the areal

What is the maximum capacity for a cloud storage?

Cloud storage is essential for your data security. It is the new  big phenomena these days for the backup for your data. I would  suggest backing up your information with re

What is maximum storage capacity of a hard disk?

Hard-drives are becoming larger as technology advances. Additionally, programming improvements mean that Windows software is able to access much larger drives than its earlier