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Bird Cage

"La cage aux folles" means literally "the cage of madwomen." "Folles," however, is also a slang term for effeminate homosexuals (queens). The expression does not really mean "birdcage," but it is impossible to translate effectively in one catchy phrase.

It may help to realize that "bird" is British slang for woman, like "chick".
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What is the significance of the title la cage aux folles?

The meaning: "cage aux folles" refers to transsexuals, especially Men dressed as women. The french word: "Folles" refers to men wearing rags or women clothes. Their was a fren

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"La cage aux folles" means "cage of madwomen" (purportedly French slang for drag queens). The more common translation is "The Birdcage" which was the name of the 1996 Robin Wi

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la cage aux folles = the place for/of fools to the best of my 77 year old memory Gammasdeux

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