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"Titanic means" having a great size, or great strength, force or power. The word comes from the Greek "Titans."
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What does the Titanic mean?

The name Titanic means enormous, overpowering and awesomely mighty. It originates from the Titans, a legendary race of giants who were said to have battled with the Gods of an

Meaning of Titanic?

\nTitanic come from the Titans, a Greek mythology. The Titans were a race of powerful deities that ruled during the legendary Golden Age. Their role as Elder Gods was overthro

What does 'titan' mean?

The Titans are early Greek personifications of elementary forces, pictured as the parents of the Gods. A titan is a great and powerful or influential person, especially in the

What is the greek meaning of titanic?

Titanic comes from the word "titans" from Greek Mythology. The titans were the first gods in greek mythology. The leader (Kronos) like the ship was thought to be invinsable un

What did Titanic mean?

well the titanic was very precouis o the world because it is the biggest ship in the world and it sank the first time it set sail how to think all them 2300 lost there ives ca

What does Titanic mean?

Titanic means huge and powerful    of exceptional strength, size, or power.

Does Titanic mean huge?

Not quite - the name Titantic came from the Titans in Greek mythology. A titan was a symbol of power.

What is the Titanic the British meaning?

huge boat. The etymology of the word goes back to the Titans of Greek mythology. They were the oldest and largest of the gods. So the word means huge and powerful.

What does SOS mean for the Titanic?

CQD was the call for distress initially used by the Titanic in 1912, introduced in 1904 by the Morse International Marine Communication Company. This earlier wireless distress

Does the name Titanic mean anything?

It is derived from the "Titans", a family of giant Gods in ancient Greek mythology. There were 3 sister ships built (Olympic, Titanic and Gigantic) each with names to indicate