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What is the meaning of 555 in Hebrew?

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It is just a number, so it has the same meaning in Hebrew that it does in all other languages. If you spell 555 using Hebrew letters, it comes out as תקמה
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In Hebrew what does the name Mark mean?

    I didn't find a Hebrew meaning for this name. Many Jewish people, during Roman times, gave their children Latin names such as Mark (Marcus). It means Hammer, Mar

What does the Hebrew word bereshiyth mean?

That's the first word in the Torah (Hebrew bible). It means "in the beginning". The latest Jewish Publication Society translation renders it a little differently. "When G-d b

What Hebrew word means spy?


What does Hebrew mean?

Real AnswerThe truth is that know one knows. The Hebrew word for Hebrew is 'ivri (עברי) which may come from the Hebrew word ever (עבר), which means "beyond". The signif

What does 555 mean?

555 means lol in thai. for example....   that is sooo funny! 555+

What does 555 mean in numerology?

  Numerology reduces numbers to a single digit, in most cases. So your question than becomes: 5+5+5=15 1+5=6 And "6" in numerology:   ; 6 Positive Traits: A stron

What does ohav mean in Hebrew?

ohav = I will love

What is the biblical meaning of number 555?

555 Is the Number of Machines Communication Knowledge, or of -knowing, Or Microchips; thy success of all Metal or Organic Technologies, (etc.) ^they are one number behin

What does Apollo mean in Hebrew?

Apollo is not a name of Hebrew or Semitic origins. Apollo is of Greek origins Ἀπόλλων which was the name the god of light in Greek Mythology. There is no etymological

What does Alexander mean Hebrew?

The name Alexander is not a name of Hebrew origin and therefore means nothing in Hebrew. In Ancient Greek, the language to which it does belong, it means to be a "defender of