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What is the meaning of Indian bank logo?

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to spread branches everywhere to spread amiles .That is to mean spread everywhere
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What do you mean by SLR in Indian banking sector?

SLR is an acronym for Statutory liquidty Ratio stipulated for all banks operating in India. Presently it is 25% of the total demand and term liabilities of the bank which are

What is the meaning of syndicate bank logo?

The syndicate bank logo is "Faithful Friendly" - with the symbol of a dog. They basically want to emphasis on the fact the bank is trust worthy and a friend. They are trying t

What does Mumbai Indians logo means?

The Mumbai Indians logo is a modern, contemporary sports team logo featuring a rotating Sudarshana Chakra , leaving behind trails of orange and green, with the team name "Mumb
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What is the Meaning of canara bank logo?

The new brand identity for Canara Bank is based on the idea of a bond and is a representation of the close ties between the Bank and its many stakeholders - from customers and