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The words here don't have integrity here as mon means "my", ami means "friend" and aime is the comjugated form of the verb "to like" so it becomes: my likes my friend. You need some other word between mon & aime...
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What does bonjour mon ami mean?

my friend.

What is the meaning of mon ami?

'Mon ami' means my friend (male) in English. If you're talking about a female friend, you would say 'mon amie.' Normally you'd say 'ma amie' because the object of the senten

What is the meaning of mon amie?

  Mon amie is 'my (female) friend', mon ami is 'my (male) friend'. It is mon amie, not ma, because amie starts with a vowel and so it would be more difficult to say. How

What does mon ami bon mean?

It would mean "my good friend", but it is worded incorrectly. It should be "mon bon ami".

What does Bon matin mon ami mean?

Answer   Good morning, my friend.     Note: "Bon matin" is not a greeting and doesn't really mean anything in French. To greet someone in the morning, you say "bo