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What is the meaning of 'sts' on the inside of a ring?

The abbreviation "sts" on the inside of a ring stands for "sterling silver." It is not my understanding that this is an approved stamp for sterling silver. Jewelry that is st (MORE)

What does st mean?

In St Bernard and the like it is an abbreviation for saint. In other situations, eg Carnaby St, it can mean street Either street, saint, something, or sweet thing.

What does St st meaning in knitting?

it is an abbreviation for Stockinette Stitch also known as Stocking stitch . It is basic stitch where you knit one row and purl one back and repeat just these two rows written (MORE)
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What does St. Lukes symbol mean?

From St. Luke's Catholic Church website: The symbol for St. Luke is the ox (or bull). This may account for his also being patron of butchers. In art, Luke is represented by a (MORE)

What does it mean to dream of St. Joseph?

It could mean that you feel in need of protection and strongshelter. This would be a good time to check in with your father, tomake sure that he is well and to ask him for the (MORE)