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All is fair in love-we are expected to "follow our hearts." Since the heart is not ours to control, we cannot be blamed if the heart leads us to fall in love with another, or to fall out of love with someone to whom we promised eternal love-and war: by its very definition, war involves (1) inflicting great suffering on an opponent or (2) the endurance of great suffering inflicted upon us. We face the prospect of dying or being killed. If "fairness" intervenes so that a warrior protects the interest of the other, rather than his own interest, then it is not really a war. If we reject biological warfare, it isn't out of fairness that we do so, but because we reason that only by rejecting it can we hope to avoid being subjected to it later.


Behavior that is unpleasant or not fair is acceptable during an argument or competition.


Normal morality is often suspended in extreme circumstances.

A variation of it is "All is fair in love and politics".


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