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Physical Meaning: After the baby has been delivered, the child is still attached to the placenta (a large temporary organ which develops in the uterus along with the baby. It acts as a go-between, between the mother's blood supply and the developing baby's blood supply. It filters the baby's blood, taking toxins out and providing the baby with nutrients and oxygen.) and that is connected to the baby by the umbilical cord. Cutting the umbilical cord means severing the connection from the placenta to the baby. Severing the umbilical cord stops the transfer of blood which carries nutrients and oxygen to the baby; both functions are already switching over to the baby's own systems at the moment of birth, anyway, making the placenta obsolete. Delayed cord clamping can improve iron status in infancy, especially for at-risk populations, such as those who are preterm or small for gestational age. The placenta, amniotic sac and the umbilical cord, together known as the afterbirth, are delivered shortly after the baby's birth.
Metaphorical Meaning: Since cutting the umbilical cord severs a dependency attachment between a child and mother so that the infant can live on its own, it is also used as a metaphor in adulthood for severing other strong emotional, monetary or other attachments. An example might be a parent or close friend cutting off financial support to a less mature person forcing him or her to become self-reliant.
Answer 2 An expression meaning Forcing your dependent child to stand up and be own their own in all aspects of life.
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Does a baby cry only after umbilical cord is cut?

No, babies cry once their nose and mouth have been suctioned so  that they can breathe the air around them. This is why babies can  be safely delivered in water since they d

Cutting umbilical cords in puppies?

  The bitch chews the umbilical cord off when the puppy is born leaving a small piece around a inch or so long. This will dry up and fall off after a few days.

How does the umbilical cord come out of the mom Will it fall out or do you have to cut it out?

The umbilical cord is attached to the placenta, which develops to nourish the fetus. During gestation, the placenta is attached to the wall of the uterus. However, after the b

Can the umbilical cord strangle a baby?

Yes. In some rare cases the cord can wrap around the baby's neck as it comes out and the cord ends up strangling the baby. Yes, it can inside the womb and outside. I was actua

What is the umbilical cord?

  The cordlike structure that connects the embryo with the placenta.   The English term 'umbilical cord' means membranous duct connecting the fetus with the placenta T

What does the umbilical cord do?

The umbilical cord is what transfers all of the nutrients and protein that your baby needs from you.

When does the umbilical cord develop?

The umbilical cord begins developing 6 to 12 days after conception when the blastocyst becomes three separate layers, the placenta, the umbilical cord / amniotic sac and the b

How do you cut a cat's umbilical cord?

Most cats will do that themselves, with their teeth. If a cat doesn't or cannot for some reason, tie a knot in the cord between the kitten and the mother, then cut it with sci

Where is the umbilical cord located?

the umbilical cord enters the fetus via the abdomen, at the point which (after separation) will become the umbilicus (or navel). Within the fetus, the umbilical vein continues
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What is the structure of an umbilical cord?

The umbilical cord is a tough membrane that covers the two arteries (the umbilical arteries) and one vein (the umbilical vein) that are coated in Wharton's jelly. Wharton's j

Do twins share a umbilical cord?

My twin sister and I were born 9/11/41. The Dr. Traywick told my mother that we would be identical, because we were on a Y-shaped cord or connected cord. He had delivered hund