What is the meaning of job portal?

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A web site where employers can post job offers, and people looking for employment can post their skills.
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What is online job portal?

Job Portal is a web-based application, which has three main entities - Candidates, Employers and Admin. Candidates can register themselves, modify their details, search and ap

What is a job portal?

A job portal is a website which helps in the recruitment process by bringing together both the employer and the job seeking candidate. The candidate will have to create his pr

The list of job portals in India?

1 Naukri . Naukri hub . Times Jobs . Monster India . Employment Boss . Click Jobs . Recruit . Rediff Job Search . Bixee . Career Khazana . Indian Job Si

How do you post jobs in job portal?

There are different automated job posting applications availablewhich can be used to post multiple jobs to various job portals atonce. You can get both free and premium softwa

What is the advantages and disadvantages of the job portal?

Searching for a job in the classified ad section of a newspaper is becoming less of a necessity, as employers increasingly list job openings for free on Internet sites such as

What does customer portal mean?

Customer portal means that a customer can access the web page, order services, configure their customer page, upload customer content and contact data.
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What is the meaning of student portal?

The Portal is the essential, online source of information about enrolment, subject and exam timetables, fees, information technology.