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It is to my understanding that the Symbol Prince used for awhile are the glyph symbols of Mars(male) and Venus(female) combined.
Prince's symbol is also essentially identical to an alchemic symbol for the substance soapstone, with a circle added and the whole symbol rotated 135 degrees clockwise. This symbol may be found on page 74 of Signs, Symbols and Signets by Ernst Leher, Dover, 1969, a republication of the original 1950 work.
The original sign includes the "trumpet" and scroll, as well as the cross-bar and spear head components.
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Both of his parents are black (African-American). Prince is African-American. Here's a recent photo of his mother: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v107/klick2u/mother.jpg

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  * Christopher Randall Limbrick  * born:7-Jun-1967  * birthplace:Minneapolis,MN  * Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Dancer/Actor  * Father:Lingure Limbrick{Born:19

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Birth namePrince Rogers Nelson / BornJune 7, 1958 (age 53) Minneapolis, Minnesota, US / GenresFunk, R&B, rock, pop, new wave, Minneapolis sound, synthpop / OccupationsMusician
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That depends on the laws of Minnesota where he was raised and lived  at the time of Prince's death, and the instructions in his will (if  he made a will).