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A key term in sociology is rationalization. this term refers to choosing the most efficient means to accomplish tasks. In business it refers to the bottom line. with rationalization, profit become king while valued for what they bring to bottom line, become expendable.
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What does it mean to ration supplies?

To ration means to carefully measure out supplies or whatever. It  is what you do when you have a limited supply of something. You  give those who need them just what they n

What does rational mean?

Adj- 1.) consistent with or based on or using reason 2.) of orassociated with or requiring the use of the mind 3.) capable ofbeing expressed as a quotient and integers 4.) hav

What does rationed mean?

to limit the supply of.   ex. food was rationed to prevent a nationwide catastrophe.

What is the meaning of rational?

The English word 'rational' has a few different senses: 1: consistent with or based on or using reason; 2: capable of being expressed as a quotient of integers; 3: of or a

What is meaning of rational?

Mathematics a rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient a/b of two integers, with the denominator b not equal to zero. Since b may be equal to 1, eve

What does the k in k ration mean?

The letter K had no particular significance; it was chosen merely to have a phonetically different letter from the letters C and D.

What do you mean of nonintegral rational numbers?

These are rational number that are not integers. In their simplest form, they are of the form a/b where a and b are integers and b is not 0 nor 1.

What is the meaning of rational number?

A rational number is one that can be expressed as a ratio of twointegers. That is, a number x is rational if and only if it isequivalent to p/q for some integers p and q where

What dOes rationalism mean?

Rationalism means a method or a theory "in which the criterion of the truth is not sensory but intellectual and deductive" (Bourke 263) (according to Wikipedia).
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What is the meaning of rational optimism?

Rational optimists, like myself, choose to take a positive stance on any given situation, but still focus on the reality of the given situation. Optimists tend to exaggerate t

What does rationality mean?

There are two possible meaning of "rationality", the first is to dowith mathematics - a property of a number such that it can beexpressed as a ratio of whole numbers. The seco