What is the meaning of the Beatles song 'Yellow Submarine'?

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It was intended as a simple children's song, but people continue to read way too much into it.

Why did the Beatles sing yellow submarine?

To sell records and make lots of money. "Yellow Submarine" possibly has the unique distinction of being adopted by the supporters of many British football teams (with the colo

What musical instruments did the Beatles use in the song Yellow submarine?

Yellow Submarine included chains, a ship's bell, tap dancing mats, whistles, hooters, a tin bath filled with water, wind and thunderstorm machines, as well as a cash register,

What songs are on yellow submarine by the beatles?

Two of the songs from Yellow Submarine are "Yellow Submarine" brought from Revolver and "All You Need is Love" brought from "The Magical Mystery Tour". other non-instrumental
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What is the song list for the Beatles Yellow Submarine album?

1.Yellow Submarine 2.Only A Northern Song 3. All Together Now 4.Hey Bulldog 5.It's All Too Much 6.All You Need Is Love 7.Pepperland 8.Sea Of Time 9.Sea Of Holes 10. Sea Of Mon
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When was The Beatles song Yellow Submarine published?

The Beatles song Yellow Submarine was published on August 5, 1966. It was part of their Revolver album and featured Ringo Star on lead vocals. The song was a huge success rema