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What does the name 'Sesshomaru' mean in Japanese?

The name Sesshomaru/Sesshoumaru means 'killing perfection'/'perfect killer' in Japanese. Sesshou means to take life away. Maru means perfect/perfection. His name is pretty

What does the name youhei mean in Japanese?

Youhei as a word could mean 'mercenary', but as a name it has many ways of writing and thus many meanings hidden in each, some of which are: 耀平 : the first kanji is used i

What is a Japanese name meaning rose?

薔薇 in Japanese reads 'bara' as a noun meaning rose. It's also used as a name and can be read 薔薇 /ba ra/ , /sou bi/ , /ba ran/ and /roo zu/ (oo = long o sound).

What does the Japanese name Zutara mean?

Zutara is a combination of Zuko + Katara. Zuko means "Failure" or "Loved One" in Chinese and Korean. In Nguni (An African language), Zuko means "harmony", "someone with a good

What does the name aka mean in Japanese?

It is the color Red in Japanese. and also if you were wondering Ao is Blue in Japanese

What does the name Carlie mean in Japanese?

Carlie: definition- The name has many definitions but an appropriate and modern-day definition is the greek form that would be manlike. It comes from the Greek, as "free man."

What does the Japanese name kiari mean?

I assume you mean "Kairi", because "kiari" (きあり) means 'yellow ant'. Kairi as a name would usually mean "Ocean Village". It can be written with Kai 海 (sea, ocean) an

What is the meaning of the Japanese name Neiro?

Neiro means literally your 'tone' or "tone quality" an example could be Kimi no Neiro which translates to Your Tone. (which is also a manga) Kimi means "you" No is a particle

What does the Japanese name kato mean?

With this kanji, 佳人 it means skilled, excellent or beautiful person. With another, 伽人 it means caretaker, entertainer. Depending on many ways it can be written in, it

What is a Japanese name meaning star?

Hoshi means star in Japanese Improvement: 星 is the kanji for 'hoshi', but hoshi meaning 'star' is only as a noun, the kanji's 'nanori' (name readings) are: Hoshi Kira

What does the name hanzo mean in Japanese?

Hanzo (半蔵; also written as Hanzō and Hanzou) is a name of Japanese origin, and thus does not have a 'meaning' in Japanese. The separate Kanji that compose a Japanese nam

What does the name 'Kagome' mean in Japanese?

Names have mostly various writings (kanji) in Japanese, on which their assumed meaning is dependant. If you mean Kagome from Inuyasha anime, her name is not written in kanji s

What does the name kanna mean in Japanese?

The name kanna isn't actually just a Japanese name, it's also from India. The Indian name kanna is a masculine name which means 'Krishna', a Hindu deity (the one who is most