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What is the meaning of the expression 'be hip to the jive'?

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It means to be cool or to be "with the times"
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What is the meaning dig all jive mean?

To "dig" was to like or enjoy. "Jive" was literally a dance style, but came to mean what ever was happening around you.

What does dip jiving mean?

From UrbanDictionary.com: "A kind of walking or dancing that is like crumping in motion. This term was originally used in "Maniac Magee" but no one knew what it meant then. It

What are the slang meanings of dig and jive?

To dig something is to enjoy, like, love or understand something. Jive means to tease or lie to someone. Jive can also mean to dismiss something as false, nonsensical or unimp

What is the meaning of the right hip in the Bible?

This refers to Jacob's wrestling with the angel and the angel putting Jacob's hip out of joint when he could not overcome him. (Genesis 32.24-31). The spiritual meaning of thi

What is a sentence for jive?

i love to dance and sing to jive music all day long. i the jive music is a really good type of music. a lot of people in the world like to listen to jive music. jive is the na

What is the meaning of the chant 'Hip hip horrah'?

  'Hip hip horrah' is a shout which shows that a person has succeeded in a task and by saying 'hip hip horah' he is showing his happiness toward the job in which he is suc

What does express mean?

Express means to show something to another like an emotion or feeling. Like the phrase "to express your emotions" shows.

What is the meaning of the lyrics in Java Jive a slice of onion and a raw one draw one?

I asked the two living Ink Spots and their Manager this question and they didn't know the answer. The best guess is that it is jive talk meaning a raw hamburger with a slice o

What is the meaning of the expression you are on it?

If you are "on it," then you are immediately going to start on whatever it is. If you are "on top of it," then you are successfully dealing with whatever it is. These phrases

What does Hip Hop actually mean?

Over the past 30 years, hip hop culture has evolved significantly and attained global recognition, but with this growth has come many costs. Multi-billion dollar corporations