What is the meaning of the idiom It all depends on whose ox is being gored?

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The idiom is "it depends on whose ox is being gored." The meaning is that we are more likely to take offense to a dubious comment or action when that comment or action is directed against what we see as our own interests. For example, we might think that it is inappropriate to call the president of the United States a 'pig-faced liar,' if we support that president. If the same comment is directed at a president we don't support, we are more likely to overlook it or even defend it.
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What means GORE?

Gore is a greek word meaning one who is a fat little girl who cries

What is the meaning of the idiom 'all thumbs'?

If you're "all thumbs," you are clumsy or awkward - imagine tryingto do anything with five thumbs instead of four fingers and onethumb!. This idiom usually refers to fine motor tasks. It means to be clumsy

What are some idioms about being happy?

many happy returns- the expression is used to wish someone happy birthday.. happy medium- if you reach a happy medium you are making a compromise; reaching a conclusion or decision. . on cloud nine. on top of the world

What does idiom mean 'Suits his idiom'?

I think it means that that person agrees with that others persons idiom and that it fit that question that the teacher or whoever asked that question.

Ox I see this written on bebo all the time but you dont know what it means e.g myy stuff Ox?

It's a little hug then a kiss, to make things look more prettiful. Equivelant of x.

What is the meaning of the idiom Beyond all question?

If something is beyond all question then there is no chance that it is wrong.

What does the idiom 'in on it' mean?

in on it means you know whats going on or about a certain subject. "when it comes to penguins I am in on it!" i might say

What would be an idiom for being nervous?

You could say: The butterflies stirred main my stomach I was a bundle of nerves On pins and needles

What are some idioms about being tough?

a hard nut, a hard nut to crack, a hard row to hoe, a tough cookie, a tough nut, a tough row to hoe, be as tough as old boots, tough as an old boot, tough as nails, tough cookie, tough customer

What does gore mean?

a lot blood guts like in movies that are violent they contain gore. blood and guts.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'and how'?

It is just an emphatic way of agreeing with someone - it doesn't mean anything really, except "What you just said was so true!"

What does the idiom We are all in the same boat mean?

To be in the same situation as somebody else. For example, workersmight complain "We're all in the same boat!" when their companycuts benefits. In this context, the meaning changes slightly to "weare all facing the same situation or circumstance, without muchhope to do anything about it." As another example, "chronic pain" conditions often leave peoplesuffering, feeling powerless and helpless. When two or more peoplewith a similar problem or similar type of pain might say, "We'reboth in the same boat, huh?" This signifies a similarity, aninvisible "likeness" that exists in their lives, even when thepersons are strangers. "With your arthritis and my back pain, we'rein the same boat, having daily pain, needing medication, and notbeing able to get around very much." However, most people do notqualify or add explanations to the "same boat" reference; thepoints of similarity are only implied (not said). One caution about idioms is, in fact, the unsaid portion. Althoughthe idiom signals some type of similarity (at least in the person'smind who uses the idiom), that person's meaning may differ stronglyfrom the other person's point of view. For example, two men havedied each leaving a wife (widow). The widows happen to meet, say ata doctor's office waiting room or at the hairdresser's. The widowsbegin talking, and quickly start sharing pieces of their lives. Onewidow is in her late 50s and still has minor children at home. Theother widow has no children, and the house she and her husbandbought will be going into foreclosure. One widow's spouse had lifeinsurance; the other widow's spouse had none so she fears how shewill pay the bills. Each of their situations is so different. Theonly real similarity is-- each woman's husband died. Withoutknowing these details, one or both of the women could be offendedto hear, "Well, I guess we're in the same boat." Whether thespecifics are said or are left unspoken, no one can ever assumethat the "same boat" defines the true situation of either party.For this reason, people should think twice about using commonidioms unless they really know the other person's situation. It means everyone has to deal with the same situation. To use the expression "we're all in the same boat" means that weshare whatever the challenge or threat that is being talked about.One student says "I'm having a lot of trouble with this new topicin math class." Someone says "We're all in the same boat!" andeveryone else agrees.

What does playing square with those whose happiness depends upon you mean?

being honest and fair and showing integrity and good ethics to those who aren't happy unless you are or those whose happiness depends upon you

What does the idiom give their all mean?

The idiom give their all means to do everything you can to accomplish a task.

What does the idiom 'all eyes and ears' mean?

A person who is all eyes and ears is giving their full attention to you. This maybe good if they are a student in class or it maybe bad if they are listening in to a private conversation.

What is the word for a sentence whose meaning changes depending on how it is read?

tone. I read this word somewhere within the last week and was going to write it down but by the time I got around to doing so I could not find the article where it was mentioned.. The word is rather long and I believe it begins with an "A". Unfortunately I have forgotten how it is spelled or even the sample sentence the author gave. Not much help am I?

What does the idiom being under a cloud mean?

Having already been judged badly, and having to get out from under the cloud before proceeding. . to be under suspicion or in disgrace; to be in disfavor.

What is the gore in knitted slippers what does gore mean?

One definition for gore is a triangular section. So in knitting or crochet I am guessing that it means the triangular section that is formed off of one stitch as each row increases. I hope that helps.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'All cats look the same in the dark'?

It is a way of saying that you can't tell the difference between several things or choices if the situation is right - you can't see colours in the dark, so all cats look the same. Another way you might hear this is "All cats are gray after midnight." The saying All cats are alike in the dark means we are all the same underneath despite how we look on the outside. . Colour is absent in the dark, therefore anything in the dark would lack colour.

What is the meaning of idiom 'all Greek '?

If someone say that something is "all Greek" to them, it means they don't understand.

Are we a dependant being?

Are we a dependant being? Existence is apparently dependant of none existence As well as dark of the light and contrast to exist and to be notice by animals and human kind We try to justify our weaknesses with sense making, theories and hypothesis' As if we could not exist, with something as simple as the concept of a point or a dot. So we use it as reference and move on through life from point A to point B And created a life structure and a system from it. We make ourselves dependant for survival purposes only although it does not mean it is a requirement for our existence. How could we see beyond if not without the help of an up close object or subject It's simple We must let go of our senses and start looking at the world with newly evolved ones if we wish to "see new meanings" Or simply we must let go of everything, including life to be taking to our destiny without resistance, but simply by the laws of nature Either way, we are dependant of the forces that takes as here and there We could also be a not dependant species If we stop attempting to understand, and simply embracing life as it comes towards us. We must let go of all reasoning and flow with the interacting forces to which we are all subjects. Like something as simple as a rock, that endures the forces of nature and experiences only what's exposed to it, to either be transformed or molded until totally dissolved and evolved to find its new purpose and dependant and none dependant destination. That's my enlightened opinion Antonio F Kaik 09-29-2009

What does the idiom 'can it' mean?

It's a rather rude way of saying "be quiet" - it's referring to tossing something into a trash can, as in "what you're saying is garbage so shut up."

What is the meaning for idioms?

Idioms are phrases or expressions whose meaning should not be taken literally. I cannot be understood by simply knowing and putting together the ordinary meanings of the separate words in it. Examples: Contracts, agreements, and memos should be put into Black and White . (into writing) I burned the midnight oil whenever there's a test. (study thoroughly)

What is the meaning of the idiom 'have at it'?

It means "to try it", a better way of saying it is "have a go at it" . happy speaking!

What does the idiom You pushed all my buttons mean?

It means that you have made them very angry. To push someone's buttons is to "turn on" their emotions, usually anger. .

Whose name means Mother of all Living in the Bible?

(Genesis 3:20) ". . .After this Adam called his wife's name Eve , because she had to become the mother of everyone living ."

What does the idiom you're all right jack mean?

It's not an idiom. "All right" means "Ok" or "fine." You are saying that someone is fine, that everything is all right. "Jack" might be a slang term for "friend" or "pal," or it could actually be someone's name.

What is the meaning of the spanish idiom 'at night all cats are black'?

it means when you are obsessie about something like if you are in love with someone then you can only see his or her good points but not the bad one

What does the idiom 'it's all in your head' mean?

It means that whatever symptoms you are experiencing, they are imaginary. The image is of whatever it is existing only inside your head and not in reality.

What are some idioms for being senile?

Some idioms include: in second childhood lost a few cards from their deck a few cards short of a deck a couple jokers short of a deck not all there broken down over the hill having a senior moment lost in space talks to trees living completely in the past way past his/her prime

Are all living beings dependent on water?

Yes, all living beings depend on water to hydrate cells. Some animals can live up to 10 years without water, but they need water somehow.

What does the idiom all future generations mean?

It's not an idiom. It means just what it says - every generation inthe future.

Does DO mean Dumb Ox?

No. "DO" means "Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine." In the USA, DOs are equivalent to MDs in all medicine practices and surgery. However, this question is not entirely incorrect. Perhaps, DOs in the USA should possibly change their archaic degree from "DO" to "MD" to help patients realize they are indeed Medical Doctors. The fact the old and aged DOs in the AOA do not change the DO to MD degree, then perhaps this old DOs should be labeled appropriately as Dumb Oxes (from new DOs graduating who definitely want this degree change to MD). " --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe what the author above is trying to convey is that the AOA leaders, who run the AOA and collect the fees of all AOA DO members, do not want to change the DO degree to MD,DO or MD, as most of the AOA members. These aging DOs do not want change for the better or for modern times. These old DOs just want to keep the DO degree the same and collect checks for due fees from the modern graduating new DOs. These old DOs never send out a vote to its DO members asking for a 1 DO - 1 vote for the DO to MD or MD,DO degree change.

What does this mean the athlete was as strong as an ox?

as strong as an ox means very very strong.When someone says you are as strong as an ox , he \she means that you are very strong

What is a word that means think you are an ox?

There really are not a lot of people who think that they are oxen; that would be an unusual delusion. However, a person who did suffer from such a delusion would probably be described as schizophrenic. This reminds me of a joke. Two cows are standing in field, grazing. One cow says to the other cow, I'm worried about mad cow disease. The other cow says, I'm not worried; I'm a penguin.

What is the idiom for the line Whose stern impassioned stress A thoroughfare for freedom beat in America the Beautiful mean?

There are no idioms in that line. It means that the stress of the battle beat freedom's road -- in other words, America was formed as a land of freedom by fighting the British.

What does the idiom 'there there' mean?

It's a nonsense phrase used when someone is upset or sad. You pat them on the back and say "There, there." You can also say "there, there, everything will turn out right."

What does the idiom all bark and no bite mean?

It means that a person will say they will do something., but never actually do it. similar to a dogs bite, and bark. It also means the same as "all talk and no walk"

What is the meaning of the idiom 'All cats look the same in the dark?

all people seem sexy but under the sheets they can be all the same if the passion is there

What is the meaning of the idiom written all over your face?

The idiom "written all over your face" means being able to tell what a person is thinking and feeling just by looking at his or her facial expressions. Often, the person's words are untrue but others can tell this by looking at the other person's body language and facial expressions.

What does the idiom get on with it mean?

Hurry up, finish what you started, whats the main part of this question, stuff like that. It's not necessarily and idiom, just a popular saying people use.

What is meaning of the idiom all washed up?

It refers to when someone is past his/her prime, and his/her best days are in the past. The phrase can often be applied to sports stars who stay in the game too long, or once popular singers/musicians who don't sell as many albums or tickets as they did at the height of their career.

What is the meaning of a gore?

Gore is a word that is used in the horror genre of movie making. Gore refers to the grossness that is shown in horror movies like the blood and guts when someone gets killed.

What does it mean if you dream of ox?

It is difficult to suggest a meaning for a single image - an ox - lifted out of the context of the larger dream. The meaning depends on what the ox is doing and your feelings during the dream. Very generally, an ox is regarded as a beast of burden, so the dream might refer to your feeling over-worked without enough appreciation for your efforts.

What does the idiom by all means mean?

It's not an idiom. It means exactly what it says. "By all means" or"by any method necessary."

What does the idiom to call all the shots mean?

This is an expression that means to be in charge, to give the orders, to tell other people what they must do. There are other expressions that are similar, such as to "call the tune." (The history of "to call the shots" may go back to a sport like skeet-shooting or perhaps to the military. The history of "to call the tune" may refer to the leader of the musicians, the person who decides what song the band will play.)

What is the meaning of goring?

Goring is a verb that means to pierce or stab with a horn or tusk. It can also mean to make with a gore-shaped piece of material or to provide with a gore.

What does the ox mean in the Chinese zodiac?

Apparently those born under the sign of the Ox are supposed to be patient, hard working and persistent.

What is the meaning of the idiom all spring gladness left his heart?

This is not an idiom. It means exactly what it says. The gladness he felt in the Spring left his heart. He was feeling sad.

What does the surname 'Gore' mean?

It is an unusual Anglo Saxon name, originally 'gara' meaning a triangular piece of land