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  • Somali Female name: Ayan pronounced Ayaan has the meaning: Fortunate and Day, though the 'day' meaning is taken from the Arabic Ayyaam which means DAYS.
  • I think there is a Turkish meaning, don't know what though.
  • Sanskrit meaning: Derived from the root i with cognates all over the Indoeuropean languages e.g. ειμι, iter, иду, signifying motion, one gets aYan, the act of going, or the path, and is used both literally and figuratively. A peculiar development also led to it meaning a house or place of refuge.

    But all that is about ayana, not aayana; i.e. the first vowel is as in cut or cot, not as in car. That can happen in Sanskrit if one uses the prefix A to the above word, in which case the meaning changes from going to coming, and Ayana usually means approaching, though it can mean income as well. Alternatively, since ayana has celestial significance, Ayana can mean belonging to the solistice. I do not think that either of these two aayan is used as a name.
    Forgot to mention that AYAna (or aayaan if you prefer) is a very famous character n mythology: AYAna ghoSa was the husband of rAdhA, the heartthrob and lover of kRSNa, the playful pastoral God, an incarnation of viSNu, the protector amongst the Hindu trinity.

    AYAna can mean arrival, and natural temperament.
  • Another view: The sanskrit meaning is incorrect. satyanArAYaNa comes from satya = truth (or, etymologically, that which exists from the root as, to be, with obvious cognates) + nArAYaNa (descendent of nara, man, with cognates in Greek and Latin). The word nArAYaNa was identified as the first man, the creator, etc. in the past, but now refers to ViSNu, the protector amongst the Hindu trinity.
  • Another view: Hi, we are Hindu and named our son Ayan. One thing we liked about it was that it is such a cross-cultural name. The meanings we researched are as follows:

    1. Hindu/Tamil: Brahma, the God of Creation, also one of the 1000 names of Lord Ganesha (Hindu God)
    2. Sanskrit: Soaked in the Divine (as in Satyanarayan)
    3. Biblical: Motion, To Arrive (related to Noah); Iian, which is pronounced like Ayan, is the Scottish variation of John
    4. Hebrew: Nothingness, Peace
    5. Persian: Notable
    6. Islam/Arabic: God's Gift
    7. Several African Languages: Center Part of the Soul.
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The meaning of the word ayan in Hindi?

Ayan is a Hindi word which originates from Sanskrit language and means path (Hindi) (= Rasta in urdu and = Path or Way in English). for example : Ramayan means 'Ram ka path'.

What is the meaning of ayan in Islam?

The word ayyan (not ayan) is known in the Arabic language as a formal question tool to inquire about time & it's mentioned many times in the Holy Quran.

Who does ayan love?

Ryu Hayabusa. Hayate/Ein is her brother and she admires him, but doesn't love him! It's just a matter of time till Ryu and Ayane accept their feelings towards each other

Meaning of Tamil word ayan?

The word AYAN means the creator,. In Tamil we call the creator BHRAMA- the creator. AYAN means - The creator

Meaning of name Ayan?

Well, there are different meanings of this unique word: . 'Ayan' is the word used in the bible (old testament) for the arrival of Noah. It also means Shepherd. . In Aramaic

What is the meaning of ayan in English?

The word ayan is not an English word. It is a Sanskrt word stated in Hindi style. In Sanskrit it need to be stated as "ayanam". Then it has the meaning path. It also means orb

Is ayan a male name?

Ayan is a male name. It is not a common name due to confusion in its meaning. Ayan purely in tamil means conqueror or winner.