What is the meaning of the owl city shirt?

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If you mean the "I AM" shirt, there are many different theories. 1. It represents the song Hello Seattle. (Hello Seattle, I am...) 2. It stands for 'I am ME.' 3. It is a reference to the biblical book of Exodus. "I AM the Lord thy God", "They shall call me I AM". 4. You decide.
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What are bands similar to owl city?

REPRESENT! Breathe Carolina Breathe Electric The Ready Set Nickasaur! Jon Daniels The Secret Handshake Show Me The Skyline NeverShoutNever! There are a bunch of good bands that are close to Owl City! On My-Space there is a band called "Swimming with Dolphins" that is super totall (MORE)

What is Owl city?

Owl City is the moniker name for electronic pop artist Adam Young. Owl City's first official CD "Ocean Eyes" topped the charts in over 20 different countries, and his single "Fireflies" was one of 8 songs ever to go platinum 4 times or more. When choosing a name, Adam was searching more for a mood w (MORE)

Who is Owl City?

It is a good pop band who's only member is Adam young but he does everything.

Where is owl city with?

If you mean "Who is Owl City with?" Adam Young is currently single. If you meant "Where is Owl City located?", Adam Young does most of his recording in Sky Harbor Studio (His basement) in Owatonna, Minnesota.

What is the meaning of the song cave in by owl city?

A lot of his songs don't have a specific meaning. He doesn't say what it's about, he just says that the listener should have fun trying to figure it out. The song kinda sounds creepy because he says," But if the bombs go off the sun will still be shinning, because you've heard it said that every (MORE)

Why is owl city called owl city?

Adam Young (Owl City) has stated quite a few reasons for naming his project Owl City. The two answers that he uses most often are these: 1. In second grade, one of Adam's classmates had an owl farm, and he brought one in for show and tell. For some reason, the owl became loose and then there wa (MORE)

What is the meaning of the song rainbow veins by owl city?

The song Rainbow Veins by Owl City (Adam Young) may have something to do with optimism and being a brighter or more "colourful" person. It would've also found a way of twisting the idea of love into it, too. Either way, it was probably a song written out of nothing serious. Maybe if you listen t (MORE)

How many years are owl city?

Do you mean when he debuted or how old he is? Well, Owl City debuted in 2007 and he was born on July 5 , 1986 , which makes him 23 , becoming 24 . Hope I answered your question!

How did owl cities gilfriend die?

Adam's Young's girlfriend never died, but a lot of Owl City's songs are about her. They are not together anymore though. Adam is currently single.

Is there an allusion in fireflies by owl city?

The song is about Adam not wanting to let go of his childhood memories but he knows he has to grow up and move on, but he can still be childish thats why he "saves a few and keeps them in a jar." Etc.

What is the meaning of the owl city album of June?

Owl City's album names never have a particular meaning behind them. Adam Young of Owl City always names them according to what the songs make him "feel like". The songs do have a summery feel, and it is possible that a majority of the songs were written in June or that is when the album was original (MORE)

What is a good owl city song?

This is, of course, an opinion so it will be very hard to answer. However, Owl City's greatest hits are 'Fireflies' and 'Good Time' (featuring Carly Rae Jepsen). It is quite possible that you will like these. I hope this helps!

What are owl cities songs about?

The songs are mostly about falling asleep, like "Fireflies" or having to do with getting away from the world. The titles mostly involve things with the sky, such as "Vanilla Twilight", "Rainbow Veins", and "To the Sky" Some are just made for expressing imagination, such as "Hello Seattle".

Is owl city awesome?

Yes they are! I love their hit The Saltwater Room someone else said: Me too! I LOVE super honeymoon! OWL CITY YOU ROCK! the genre is called electronica i think.

Is mitcheal musso in owl city?

No. All of Owl City's songs are written and arranged by Adam Young, except "Tidal Wave" and "The Bird and the Worm", which were co-written with Matt Thiessen of Relient K. Thiessen, Austin Tofte, and Breanne Duren sing back up on a few songs as well. His live band is composed of Breanne Duren (backg (MORE)

What is the song Cave In by Owl City about?

The song "Cave In," off Owl City's album Ocean Eyes , is about feeling the stress and pressure of life. It's about feeling as if you just can't handle another thing. In it, Adam Young expresses the need to get away from it all--but also, the realization that running from his stress doesn't solve an (MORE)

What was owl citys biggest obstacle?

Adam Young (Owl City) started the project in 2007, living in Owatonna, Minnesota with his parents. He put the songs on MySpace until the Universal record company found him. Some people say that his insomnia was his biggest challenge, but others say that his insomnia is what made his career. Others a (MORE)

What scene is owl city?

If you mean what genre, Owl City is considered electronic. He has also been categorised as synth-pop and electro-pop.

How many people in Owl City?

Hahaha, its actually not really a band. So theres only one, named Adam Randal Young, and sometimes Breanne Duren. yeah, if you see him on tour, you'll see drums and violins and cellos and keyboards, but every singer has that. In the beggining, it was just him and his computer. Now its a tiny bit mor (MORE)

Does the singer in owl city have cancer?

No, Adam Young doesn't have Cancer. He started the project Owl City as a result of his Insomnia . (Insomnia is a disorder where you have difficulty sleeping at night).

Where has owl city toured?

Owl City has toured in a lot of places, especially around the US (he lives in Minnesota). On his Spring Tour, he still toured all over America, but he also made his way around Europe and down to New Zealand and Australia.

Who created Owl City?

Adam Young, the creator of Owl City. (search them on youtube for their famous song fireflies!) He was born in Massachusettes. He has insomnia, a sleeping disorder.

When was the band owl city formed?

Owl City isn't really a band, it's just Adam Young with a synthesizer, but he began recording his music professionally in about 2007.

How are the Owl City songs made?

Owl City is a one-man band and the project of Adam Young. In his parent's basement in Minnesota, he records his music on a keyboard and a computer. In concerts he usually uses a Micro Korg keyboard to play his songs, along with a computer. He creates his own drum loops and everything, all the work i (MORE)

Is Owl City a Christian band?

Owl City isn't necessarily a 'Christian band', but the one man who operates the project (Adam Young) IS a Christian, and some of the songs are about God. Adam is EXTREMLY CHRISTIAN!!!!

Does owl city have a email?

Owl City does not have a specific email for direct contact, but there is a contact page on the website. Just search Owl City Music in your web browser.

Is Owl City from Ireland?

No. Adam Young started his project Owl City while living in Owatonna, Minnesota, in the United States.

What is meteor shower by owl city about?

God. Adam is christian. The lyrics make a whole bunch more sense that way too. "I can finally see that you're right there beside me" God was always there, it just takes a while to see Him sometimes.

How was Owl City discovered?

He was discovered when he posted music on his MySpace and to be particular "Hello Seattle caught the attention of Several Recording studios

What is the official address for Owl City?

Owl City has no official mailing address or email. To contact Owl City for business purposes, write to Universal Records or use the contact page on the Owl City Music website.

What is Owl City U?

Owl City U is a campus where you can meet other Adam Young and Owl City fans

Is there any Christian meaning behind Owl City songs?

Tidal Wave has a bible quote in it: I was blind but now I can see. Meteor Shower is suspiciously Christian-ey: I am not my own, for I have been made new. Owl City has also done covers for two Christian worship songs, In Christ Alone and another one whose lyrics include "how deep the father's l (MORE)

Does owl city have good websites?

This is, of course, a matter of opinion but a majority of the people who visit his sites agree they're good. The sites have plenty of information, and rarely have any glitches. The merchandise site has smooth transaction and generally has a sale going. I hope this answer was useful to you. For (MORE)

Is owl city Catholic?

I don't know what exact religion Adam Young is, but he is a Christian, and he says that he owes everything to Jesus Christ.

What do you think about Owl City?

In my opinion, i think Owl City is the greatest band that ever walked the planet. He fulls his music with melodious sounds with lyrics that come from the heart. Adam Young is truly and inspiration!

What does the song owl city fireflies mean?

A lot of people say a lot of things...But i read HIS blog and he said it was about his home and Minnesoda. (he lives in Minnesoda so...) And when he was a kid and cought fireflies

What is the meaning of Kamikaze by Owl City?

Though bits of the song seem to be pure nonsense, the overarching idea of it is this: Live life with passion, seizing the day. Adam Young seems to be looking toward the future with excitement, knowing that there will be challenges, but glad that he can live out his dreams. As with many of Owl City (MORE)

What do the owl on Drake shirt means?

it means that he is part of the Illuminati and if you look up thismysterious owl,it will be another symbol for this secret order ofthe Illuminati.