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What is the meaning of the phrase 'dont eat cheese before noon'?

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The phrase is meant to be a humorous phrase made up by Matt Stone in the movie BASEketball.
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Why does cheese make you have nightmares if you eat it before you go to bed?

This hasn't yet been proved true by doctors, but for a lot of people, it can not only give you nightmares, but can make you really gassy, because you're body is still digestin

Why should you not eat cheese before bed?

Good question! For one thing, cheese can make you fart- a lot, which could cause cramps, since you're laying down, and it is still digesting. Another thing, is that it can giv

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What does the phrase pearls before swine mean?

  It means that something precious should not be wasted on those who are incapable of appreciating its value.   An example might be that one wouldn't use a subtle and s

What Does the Phrase Eat Crow Mean?

you "eat crow" when you have to take back something you once said. For Example: "the captain of the other team bragged that he would crush us. After we beat them, he was force
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Why am is before noon?

It's the literal definition. The abbreviation a.m. stands for ante meridiem , which is Latin for "before noon."