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"Indeed" means "in truth." A friend who needs something is a person who is truly going to be your buddy. In other words, people who want something will be more friendly so that you will help them.
Yes. Fake frinds will be with you only till you have everything but real friends willbe withyou even when you are in problems or are even left wiht nothing.
"A friend in need is a friend indeed" is the correct quotation, though your version - "a friend in need is friend in deed" is more apt and far less ambiguous than the original, or at least than the version we're currently familiar with.

It isn't known who wrote the phrase, though Oxford states it may be traced it back to the eleventh century.

It is sometimes read to mean that a friend you can help (a friend in need) is, or becomes, a true friend to you (a friend indeed), but this isn't supported by examples the phrase is generally used to illustrate, or by a knowledge of human nature!

Making more sense is the popularly accepted interpretation, which is that a person who is your friend and who supports you when you are in need, is indeed a true friend.

This is why your use of "in deed" struck me as apt. Whether you've written it that way deliberately or by accident, your version clearly states that someone who supports you in your time of need is behaving in the way a true friend should (a friend in deed).
it means that if your friend is a true friend then they will come to you for help
A friend in need is a friend in deed is a proverb. It means a friend who helps you in the time you are in need of help is a true friend
it means that if your friend is a true friend then they will come to you for help
Because someone who is your friend when you are "in need" is indeed (definitely, surely) a good friend.

the opposite is a fair-weather friend who is ONLY your friend when things are going well or you can do something for them
It means that a true friend wouldn't mind asking you for help.
As well, that if you help them selflessly then you truly are a friend.
okay i don't want to be cynical or anything but a friend in need is not always a friend.
This applies in two cases:
1. If the person who helped you when you were in need wasn't that great a friend but so-so then it depends on what they helped you and whether they did it for you or because they could easily do it and took pity in you or whether they did it because they knew if they were nice to you you'd do something for their advantage. It also depends whether they would have helped you if you were in a more difficult situation with no ulterior motive, then you could safely say s/he is a true friend indeed.
2. This saying is actually used to test your friends. If your friend doesn't help you in times of need then I'm sorry s/he is branded as fair weather friend(though it again depends on the situation and why they didn't help you maybe for your own good).
But if they do help you go through case 1 again and analyze the motive.
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