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'MEANING' in other words can be the 'vocabulary' of a word or the 'essence' of the word as to what the word precisely means.
meaning is the meaning of meaning what you just said meaning
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What word means by means of?

Sometimes 'via' would work, or perhaps 'through' depending on the context. Or 'with' as in 'he did it with a spanner' could be 'he did it by means of a spanner'.

What does the word mean in maths mean?

The mean of a series of numbers is the average - calculated by added all the numbers in the series and dividing the sum by the number of numbers in the series. Given the set o

Why do words have to mean what they mean?

Sometimes, if you don't come up with a word at the time when someone saying a meaning then the word turns into what a person says or suggests. Example: That ice cream was so g

The meaning of the math word mean?

To find the mean of something is the same as finding the average . In maths mean, means that you have some numbers, you add them up and then divide the answer by however ma

What is the meaning of the word mean?

The word "mean" has several uses in English. Arithmetic and statistics Mean is the average of the individual elements of a samplecalculated by summing all the elements and

What word means to act mean?

Nasty But if you want another one, type nasty into Microsoft word, right click and click on'Synonyms' To be mean (with money) is to be miserly or to be a miser.

Words that mean mean?

1. Mean means to be cruel, selfish, not nice, and the opposite of nice. 2. Mean means to be cheap, pennypinching, parsimonious 3. Mean when speaking of a word means

What is the mathematical meaning of the word mean?

Speaking mathematically, mean is a manner in which one can manipulate numbers for analysis. This is also done with median, mode, and range. The mean is the average of a gr