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I believe Mort is a French word meaning "death" and gage means "pledge or agreement" So the meaning of the work Mortgage is an "agreement till death."
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Does the word transfer include the word mortgage?

  TRANSFER indicates the movement of an item, and in the case of "mortgage" means the change in ownership of the title (it is "moved" from borrower or seller to lender or

What does it mean when your name is not on the deed but it is on the mortgage?

It means that you have promised to pay for real property you do not  own. It means you are fully responsible or paying the mortgage if  the primary borrower, the owner of th

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What does it mean to be underwater on a mortgage?

  Being underwater means, as a homeowner, you owe more on your mortgage than the house is worth. With the current economic issues, they (CNN Money) say one out of five hom

What do index values in mortgages mean?

Indexes only apply to adjustable rate mortgages (ARM). In order to determine your new interest rate on an ARM after the initial fixed rate period, the new rate is determined b

How can i get out of my mortgage?

You always have the option of simply ceasing to make payments. Of course, at some point the bank will foreclose. If you want to keep the house but you do not want to pay the m

Where can you get mortgages from?

A mortgage can be acquired through lenders and banks that allows individuals to get such mortgage provided they qualify for the requirements lenders / banks are looking for pe

Regarding a short sale what does satisfaction of mortgage mean?

Satisfies the debt.   Clarification If you are selling your real property by a short sale, you must discuss the satisfaction of the mortgage with the bank. In some situat

What does mortgage analytics mean?

According to Heitman Analytics, this is defined as... An array of analysis organized by market and product which provides insight into how pricing strategy and market conditio

How do you write an acrotic poem with the word mortgage?

An acrostic poem is a poem where each line starts with successive letters from the chosen word, in this case Mortgage. so the first line would begin with M, the second with O

What does LTV in mortgage means?

LTV stands for "loan-to-value." In short, how much you're borrowing versus how much the home is worth. For example, if a home is worth $100,000 and your loan is for $80,000,

Does it mean you default on your mortgage if you drop your homeowners insurance?

Usually, not in and of itself. A mortgage will require that the borrower maintain physical damage protection on the structure. It does so to protect its interest in the hous